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Magical Friends and how to summon them is coming to KICKSTARTER October 5th!
A Game from Klemens Luger
Visit the website for more information: Magical Friends
In this board game you want to be the most loved wizard of all time... at least among your colleagues and only as long as your spells last.
You summon mighty, sometimes ugly, but mostly fantastical fake friends and boast with them at the next feast in the tavern.
Magical Friends is a great family game, that can be enjoyed by all. It is when it is played by gamers that things get even more interesting! The Tavern beckons, but who wants to go alone? Certainly not an All-Powerful Wizard, capable of summoning his own friends to drink with. Through the play of cards, you summon creatures to the start of the trail to the tavern, then you coordinate their movement across various terrain, and a choice of paths, all the way there. The Wizard with the most friends to brag about wins!
I was lucky enough to receive a prototype copy of the game, and played through it with my gaming friends, and my family. I can honestly say it is a game that works well on both levels.
The art is stunning, the rules well laid out (although when i played they were still being translated) and the built in storage is second to none.
I look forward to seeing the finished product, if it is as well produced as the prototype, it will be a beautiful game to own.
(from the designer)
In each round, you'll choose one of the available summon cards and summon a magical creature that will pretend to be your friend.
To decide who will go first in each round, you will offer powerful artifacts to determine the turn order. Higher value artifacts will let you play and also pick a summoning card before your opponents, while lower value artifacts will provide additional options during your turn.
When you choose a summon card, you can place the corresponding creature standee on the board. It also tells you how many and how far your creatures can move this turn.
Each of the 40 unique creatures has its own ability and interacts differently with the other creatures.
Very quickly, the board will be filled with creatures and it will be difficult to guide your friends through the different paths to the tavern.
These paths are double-sided and can be combined in many different ways. But be aware, more dangerous than the paths are the creatures of your opponents.
Offer powerful artifacts to set the turn order
Choose and summon your friends
Move your friends and use their abilities
40 unique friends with different abilities
Many possible combinations for fancy moves
A single strategy will not be enough for victory
After the first 2 rounds the board will be filled with creatures
That will make it hard to predict your opponents moves
Be prepared for mayhem
And sometimes a little bit of diplomacy might not hurt
Each game leads to new combinations of friends and therefore different interactions
The 4 paths to the tavern are double-sided, allowing different set-ups of the playing field in each game
Play right out of the box with a  well thought-out sorting inlay
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