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Well there can't be many games players on the planet who haven't heard of MAGIC the GATHERING,  the collectible card game that made gaming stand on its head and have a major rethink.
There have been several attempts to reproduce the MtG game on the computer and a couple of those I have played have got pretty close to it, certainly making a good fist of it, as the saying goes.

DUELS of the PLANESWALKERS on STEAM is, in my opinion, the best online MtG game I have ever seen or played. I will admit that I hadn't played MtG for some while up until the latest sets of
cards arrived and got my interest peckered up again. I also admit my knowledge of the game since playing it daily when it first came to these shores is now limited - there have been many rules changes
and new abilities since those days.

Single player, Multi-player, Deck Manager, Player Status, Leaderboard etc...
The Single player option offers you Campaign, Sealed (Deck) play, Challenges, Custom Game.
The Multi-player offers Create Match, Custom Match, Quick Match.

There are several parts of the tutorial. You can skip any/all of them if you wish but I would advise that you run through them until you get to your first opponent, Chandra Nalaar, and you must defeat her to
continue. I have played her several times using a Firewave deck - the same as she does against me - and I have yet to beat her. I can get her down to very low in the life points while I am still on or near 20 and
then all the cards seem to fall her way - I draw nothing except Land (even though my deck is 1 to 3 on Land (1) to other cards (3) - or she draws 2 or 3 Instant damage cards on the trot and POW! I am beyond
zero defeated.

From what I remember of the rules they seem to have changed quite considerably, or as I suppose, my memory isn't as good or true as it used to be. I didn't think that you could play cards from your hand after you have initiated
combat, but Chandra seems to do this regularly and to use cards in combat without them suffering summoning sickness, and without any artefacts in play. She also seems to have more time to play and always the right cards
in her hand at the right time; whereas I only have to hesitate a moment and I miss my chance to play a card (due to the Timer function). Please hold on a moment while I eat another batch of sour grapes.

All that aside, and I place 99.9% of my problems are my inability to play the game to the best of its possibilities, this is actually a wonderfully designed brilliantly animated online computer video game that is faithful to the great
card game Richard Garfield gave us over 20 years ago. As you can see from the screenshots here the animations are not just the cards shuffling and moving into position, there are also "fireworks" and all manner of other visual effects
when cards are activated or entered into battle.

If you are at a loss for human opponents in the same room as you and your urge to play Magic the Gathering is growing stronger by the second then you will not find a better fix than this.

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