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MAGIC the GATHERING 2014 Core Set Intro Packs

These packs contain a 60 card deck which includes a Rare (Gold icon) Foil Premium card and 2 random Booster packs of 15 cards each.

Two of the three decks I have played with are made up of cards from the colours that my wife and I used to play regularly back in the early 90's when MtG cam to England, Cathy Adkison and Stephen Bishop  - then of Wizards of the Coast -  (hope my memory of names isn't failing me now) taught us how to play, build decks and showed my youngest son, Greg, how to shuffle at speed. In those days we used to open Decks and Boosters, split the colours up and each take on or two or a combination of our favourite cards, the days when cards were just cards with wonderful artwork and no extra value for rarirt etc.

Anyway, these new decks are designed, in my opinion, for two reasons, to introduce new players to the game and to introduce players to the sealed deck tournament idea. They work very well on both counts, though I would suggest that if you and a friend have both bought decks - different ones each (playing the same decks against each other is less than a challenge and more luck of the draw, at least while you are new to the game) - open and sort all four Booster packs (2 come with each Deck) and share the cards, by colour, between you so that you get cards suited for your deck - you can decide about any artefacts etc in a friendly manner. This isn't strictly how you should build a deck for a sealed deck game, you are only supposed to add any cards from the Boosters in your own Deck pack, but a little friendliness for your first game or two is not going to spoil your enjoyment of the game that turned the toy world on its head: Magic the Gathering!

Each of the Intro packs contain the same 60 cards, only the Booster packs are random (which is why I made the above suggestion about sharing the cards from them, otherwise you might not get any cards of use to your chosen colour).

These are the three decks I have played.

Bestial Strength Deck:  60 cards – Green predominant + Black (on a personal note, when I first started playing dual deck MtG Green/Black was my favoured combination).

Land:  17 x Forest  9 x Swamp

Creatures: 2 x Accursed Spirit   1 x Advocate of the Beast  2 x Briarpack Alpha

2 x Brindle Boar   1 x Corpse Hauler   2 x Deadly Recluse  1 x Elvish Mystic

1 x Garruk's Horde   2 x Giant Spider   2 x Kalonian Tusker   2 x Rootwalla

2 x Rumbling Baloth    2 x Woodborn Behemoth

Spells etc:  2 x Doom Blade   1 x Enlarge  1 x Fog  2 x Giant Growth

1 x Into the Wilds   1 x Mind Rot   1 x Plummet   1 x Staff of the Wild Magus

2 x Vial of Poison


Psychic Labyrinth Deck: 60 cards – Blue predominant + White (this was my wife’s favourite combination)

Land:  16 x Island   9 x Plains

Creatures: 2 x Air Servant  1 x Archaeomancer  1 x Clone  3 x Coral Merfolk

1 x Jace's Mindseeker  2 x Master of Diversion  1 x Messenger Drake

2 x Scroll Thief   2 x Seacoast Drake   2 x Stonehorn Chanter   2 x Warden of Evos Isle

1 x Water Servant

Spells etc:  3 x Claustrophobia 1 x Divination 2 x Frost Breath  1 x Glimpse the Future

2 x Illusionary Armor  1 x Rod of Ruin  3 x Show of Valor  1 x Solemn Offering

1 x Staff of the Mind Magus


Labyrinth Deck: 60 cards – White predominant + Green

Land: 9 x Forest   1 6x Plains

Creatures:  1 x Ajani's Chosen  1 x Auramancer  2 x Banisher Priest

2 x Capashen Knight   1 x Charging Griffin   2 x Dawnstrike Paladin

3 x Pillarfield Ox   2 x Serra Angel   2 x Soulmender  2 x Voracious Wurm

Spells etc:   1 x Angelic Accord   2 x Brave the Elements   1 x Congregate

1 x Divine Favor   1 x Elixir of Immortality   2 x Fortify   1 x Hunt the Weak

1 x Indestructibility   3 x Pacifism   1 x Staff of the Sun Magus  3 x Trollhide


Breakdown of the 6 Booster packs, 2 froom each Core Intro Pack – the first number being the Common cards:

12 White   +   3 Uncommon, one of which was the famous Serra Angel.

10 Black    +   1 Rare (Bogbrew Witch) and 2 Uncommon.

12 Red    +    1 Rare (Ogre Battledriver) 3 Uncommon and a Common Dragon Hatchling foil card.

12 Green   +   1 Rare (Into the Wilds)  2 UnCommon and a Common foil “Plummet”

10 Blue  +  1 Ultra Rare (Jace) 1 Rare (Traumatize) 3 UnCommon and a foil Common “Zephyr Charge”.

1 x Artifact Creature (Sliver Construct) + 1 Rare (Pyromancer’s Gauntlet) and 3 UnCommon Artifacts.

3 Blue + 2 White Lands + 1 UnCommon (white) Land.

1 UnCommon Enchantment – Aura

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