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On May 24th, Wizards of the Coast will be releasing the Dragon’s Maze Event Deck for Game Day.  The Event Deck is designed for players that want to get into Standard tournament play even if they are not quite ready to show off their deck building skills.
It will allow them to be immediately competitive, and the sideboard and strategy guide will provide advanced advice on how to keep the deck up to speed with their opponents. While the Event Deck is released in conjunction with Game Day, it is perfect for 
Friday Night Magic and other Standard tournaments as well. The Event Deck is fully Standard-legal when it's released!
As you may already know, Dragon's Maze, and going forward, will only have one Event Deck per release. Because of this change, rather than having eight rares per deck, each new Event Deck will now have ten rares.
The Dragon’s Maze Event Deck is called Strength of Selesnya. Players will be able to show their enemies the true strength of Selesnya. They can multiply their creatures to build an overwhelming force that will crush any defense and prove to their foes that
a single seed can spawn the mightiest army. 
The Event Deck is a 60-card deck with a 15 card sideboard. It also includes a Spindown life counter and a strategy guide with tips for how to play and modify the deck.
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