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Fresh from the Academy:  Mage Wars Academy: fast version of Mage Wars Arena released in August   INFO  

Friedberg, July 29, 2016: With Mage Wars Academy early August appears the latest game from the fantastic Mage Wars -world. Two magicians with different strengths and weaknesses allow players to get started while the announced expansion packs bring new mage into play.

As with Mage Wars Arena each player chooses at Mage Wars Academy before a game of Magic cards, and thus created a spellbook. The rules already includes finished spellbooks for direct entry. The cards are not mixed at a random deck, but specifically selected and played. With map supportive creatures or powerful offensive spells can be conjured. The goal is to add the opponent's mage damage equal to the Health points and so to defeat him in the magical duel. Mage Wars Academy is a fast Mage Wars Arena version without game board, the cards all at Mage Wars Arena can be used.

Mage Wars Academy can also be played by three, four or more players simultaneously. The players play in teams or everyone plays against everyone. For two more players an additional base game is required. In the basic game, the two magicians contained animal masters and wizards. Every magician can at Mage Wars recourse to different spell cards and has individual characteristics. Thus each magician plays differently and makes its own strategy. New magicians are published in the form of expansion packs. Already announced are the priestess (September) and the Warlock (October), which extend with 72 cards the game.

For Mage Wars Arena also new Organized Play kits appear with four different promo cards. To start the promotional cards are exclusive to the Pegasus Games Premium Stores. There are promo cards when buying a basic game or an extension, for a round with beginners or as tournament prizes. In a Premium Shop, players learn more about the availability of tickets.

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