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Magical Championships

The Organized Play Mage Wars - The Sorcerer's Apprentice takes place in all participating game stores as of now. In tournaments, players can experience exciting stories and win exclusive promo cards.


Friedberg, 25.07.2014: In the award-winning board game cards Mage Wars - The Sorcerer's Apprentice by Pegasus Games, players meet each other in an arena as a mage Etheria. The players must keep a cool head not only during the duel. Even before the game, it is putting together the spells to provide strategic skills to the test.

In July, the first Organized Play Kit commercially available will be. Anyone can join the Organized Play. Inexperienced mages can provide as well as veterans of countless battles of the challenge. The players compete in a tournament against each other and dive together into the magical world of Etheria. Each round is part of a coherent story, and thus a special experience for all players. The stories can be read from issue # 39 in Games Orbit, a free magazine for all players. In the coming months, this story will continue with regularly appearing Organized Play kits.

Participation is worth it: You can win exclusive promo cards, including spells with new artwork and previously unreleased magic. Who wants to support his local dealer as an event organizer for the Organized Play, also receives the coveted promo cards.

Etheria is constantly growing and new mage enter the arena: Already with the basic game and the two base magic sets new players can prepare themselves well for the fight in the arena and duels her first contest. Just released is the first major expansion of power vs. champion. Warlord. This enriches the game to new magic schools and classes. While the power champion throws her telekinetic powers and their mental magic in the fighting, the war Lord commands about soldiers, war machines and fixtures.

The next extensions Druid vs. Necromancer and The Conquest of Kumanjaro have already been announced for August. The battle for Etheria has only just begun!

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