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Another Essen Spiel is coming soon and MAGE Company will be there for its 5th year, at Hall 3 - Booth P103 along with new titles and expansions. Four days full of gaming and excitement!


Raid & Trade is a post apocalyptic game of negotiation and resource management for 3-5 players. From the ashes of a devastating third World War, a precious few golden cities emerge offering hope to those who struggle for survival in the wastelands. Players explore the ruins of the modern world completing quests, honing their skills and maneuvering for social status in order to claim a precious spot as a citizen with a Golden City. The game will be also publihed in Spanish and French by Edge Entertainment, and in Germany by Spieleschmiede.

Res Publica: 2230AD returns with a revised version under a different theme. In Res Publica: 2230AD, the players travel to the future, when races migrate through space searching for new areas in which to settle. Intensive trading brings together strong Races, encourages new settlements and promotes the development of civilization. Heidelberger will distribute the German version of the game, TenDays will distribute the game in Japan and Chaos Publishing in UK.

12 Realms: Ancestors Legacy - Exciting adventure begins as 12 Realms return with an expansion entitled Ancestors Legacy! Four exciting new Realms lie hidden in the Fairy world and you must prepare yourself to explore them so as to defeat all of their enemies. Kievan Empire, Golden Caliphate, Olympia, and Nile Valley are the new lands you will get to explore to learn their secrets. Ruslan, Prince Ivan, Sinbad, Andromeda, along with the rest of the heroes, will unite to fight against Marid, Sobek, Anubis and the rest of the Dark Lords. Do not underestimate their power this time!

Essen pre-orders are now available, however there are limited copies of 12 Realms: Ancestors Legacy and Hoyuk: Anatolia. If you visit Essen Spiel and you want to collect any of our games, you can use this form.


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