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An Introduction To The Sprawling Continent of MU Classic
Publisher NGames reveals 10 of the key locations players will explore in the upcoming free-to-play MMO

Leading online games publisher, NGames, has today revealed 10 of the key locations players will explore as they adventures across the massive continent of MU Classic – a rebirth of a classic MMO coming soon to the portal.

MU Classic combines next-generation browser-based technology with the classic old school gameplay of MU Online. Sporting beautiful 3D graphics, stunning skill effects and many maps to explore, MU Classic lets players re-experience the epic journey again – no browser plugins required!

NGames has today revealed 10 key locations from the massive MU Classic continent, where players will find breathtaking challenges and endless adventures.

Hero's Land

Situated in the center of the MU continent, Hero's Land is the first place every battle ready warrior visits.

Wet, rainy and full of grass life, citizens of the MU Classic world use Hero's Land as a key meeting spot during travel and training.

Forest of Fairies

Also known as Elf Town, the Forest of Fairies is a beautiful village full of plants and wildlife.

Don't be fooled by it's easy going appearance though – the entrance to Demonic Square can also be found here and should not be touched by low-level heroes.

Icewind Canyon

A massive field of snow and ice, Icewind Canyon is as treachorous to traverse as it is beautiful to admire.

Visitors to Icewind Canyon can enjoy listening to the gentle rustle of snow and ice beneath their feet, learning the local Language of Ice, and battling various blue and white monsters.


A simple name for a location that's anything but straight forward; Dungeon is a deep cave full of enthralling mysteries. It is also the nest of Gorgon, the Devil Kundun's follower.

Littered with skeletons, coffins and plenty of frights, only the bravest warriors at Hero's Land should enter if they wish to return.

Lost Tower

A high rising building with immense challenges on every level, the dangerous Lost Tower can be found in Icewind Canyon, guarded by the horrible boss Balrog.

Heroes must dodge Balrog's fireballs and overcome ever increasing challenges if they want to claim the Lost Tower's treasures for themselves.


A mystical empire found in the depths of the oceans, Atlantis is a gorgeous pearl that can be found by following the blazing red light at the bottom of the MU Land map.

Atlantis is a high level area, where players must learn how to swim and tackle incredible underwater beasts to survive.

Death Desert

Barren and forgotten, the Death Desert holds as many secrets as it does monsters.

Unfortunately, its harsh terrain means merchants are unable to stay there, so there is nowhere for travelers to stock up and recoup if the Desert takes its toll.

If you want to go to Death Desert, make sure you plan wisely. Tip: pack plenty of potions!

City of Sky

One of the most daunting maps in all of MU Land, City of Sky is home to the angel mount Devil Finnis and endless amounts of extremely ferocious monsters.

Entry to City of Sky starts at Lv. 170 – proving just how incredibly difficult it is.

Gloomy Forest

Although it looks like a normal forest at first glance, the Gloomy Forest holds a macabre past and a dangerous present.

Following a large-scale war between Eika Union and the Elf Kingdom, the use of forbidden magic opened a tear in the Gloomy Forest sky, leaving it open to an alien invasion. Those aliens now form the forest trees and it has become a world isolated from the rest of the map.

Until now...

Wolfsoul Fort

A key location for the human-archer alliance against the Devil Kundun's forces, Wolfsoul Fort is surrounded by harsh terrain and has being a constant beacon of hope.

It won't be long until the devil army marches on the fort though, hoping to capture it for themselves to gain the upper hand.


All of these locations and many, many more will be available for players to explore when MU Classic launches soon.

Interested players can register their interest in MU Classic by signing up for free at the official site:

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