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Our Family Zone line was launched in UK Games Expo starting with Carrotia, The Cohort and Wrong Chemistry 2nd Edition.  

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War on the Streets (coming soon): Raid & Trade expands its legacy and return with the expansion “War on the Streets”. This time, far from the Golden City comes a new breed of survivors. Forged in the most desolate conditions these opportunistic individuals prowl the ruins watching for passers-by – to either join or exploit. Skilled nomads, these ‘Hitchhikers’ can twist any situation to their advantage, whether through silver-tongued and honeyed words or brute force and lethal cunning. But they are not the only ones who come from the shadows.. Riders & gangs, rebels & outlanders are rising in the wastelands. They tried to enter the Golden City, but they were stopped by the Forces and now they are exiled forever in the wastelands. Anyone who is trying to reach the Golden City, has to face them and their minions! For more news visit our website:

Hand Painted Minis Samples: We work non stop to complete our project. We just received some photos from the miniatures manufaturer. It Is easier for us now to paint the minis from the base game and the ancestor’s legacy since we did it before (more than once) and the color blend is ready, but for bedtime we work out the colors in order to have some good results. Below you see the first samples. We work on some details on each miniature. Stuff like, shines, shadows, lines, some intensed colors in some of the minis. Regardless on what we do you can still check our work in progress on our website:

Burglars (sneak preview): The burglars arrived at the same day at the same bank to steal the diamonds. Everyone is trying to stop everyone else from stealing the diamonds that they want for themselves. And, naturally, they’re also trying to rob one another. They’re here to get rich, not make friends. Burglars is a party card games for 2-6 players. Find more here:

12 Realms: Dungeonland: That’s a new standalone game, a dungeon crawling game where powerful magic has mutated the lands of the 12 realms, invading on their tales and attempting to change them forever. Evil spreads everywhere, twisting and mixing the tales in sinister stories where the ending is never good. Horrific villains have come back for their revenge on the Heroes of the tales, this time more dangerous than ever. The source of this magic is unknown and yet whispers of an ancient evil spread through the lands. The once green fields and lush forests are now dark and dead as nothing grows anymore and all the beauty of the realms is gone. With more tales being affected by the dark magic every day the heroes of the tales combine their powers to save the 12 realms and banish this evil once and for all. 12 Realms: Dungeonland is a strategic dungeon crawl game for 2-4 players. Coming on Kickstarter, February 2017. 
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The Reaper Game (Sneak Preview): Grim Reaper quits! Humans are dying at alarming rates and he just can’t keep up. He challenged few chosen ones, who will take some of the burden of its bony shoulders. In order to better motivate them, Grim Reaper promised that the most efficient reaper will take a place beside him, becoming the next big boss. The reapers, each with their own powers and secret missions, will embark on six different locations and times in order to capture dying Victims. The problem is that nobody wants to die. The potential Victims will put up a fight and then will bargain for their life, offering valuable help in exchange for mercy. The reapers will need to decide which Victims deserve to die and which are indispensable sidekicks. At the end though, Grim Reaper will only accept dead Victims so the clock, as always, is ticking. 

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Restocking Sleeves and more: We updated our shop adding new sleeves, 53x53mm, 47x71mm, 66x91mm. The sleeves are premium quality a production by MAGE Company. New games and items were added such as: Aether Captains, The Cohort, Carrotia, Raid & Trade: War on the Streets and more. 
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