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FRIEDBERG, 28 February 2014 - Ever since the wedding of the English heir pair William & Kate has been seen: romance, nobility and love are absolute mass issues. Happy may consider themselves, who in addition also still has like the Pegasus Spiele Verlag the Match card game in the program: "Love Letter" convinced now thanks to absolutely simple as innovative variety with only 16 cards even at the global GOLDEN GEEK AWARDS the world's largest social gaming site .

In four of 14 categories, the small but nice card game against the great board game competition prevailed, making it the most awarded game there. Last "Lover Letter" could also reap nominations for the national games prices in France and Switzerland.

However, you can see the Pegasus games with a laughing eye: but won in Switzerland with "Robinson Crusoe" another game from the Hessian publishing the title as the Swiss game of the year. Even with the global "Golden Geek Awards" this game went from not empty and was voted the best thematic game of last year.



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