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Learn more about Lords of the Fallen at Role Play Convention

The developers will meet fans and media during RPG festival in Cologne, Germany

London, UK - May 28th 2013: CI Games, a fast growing developer and international publisher of interactive entertainment, will reveal more information about its upcoming LORDS of the FALLEN fantasy action/role-playing game (RPG) during a panel discussion and Q&A session at the upcoming Role Play Convention in Cologne, Germany on June 1-2.

Tomasz Gop, the Executive Producer of LORDS of the FALLEN is looking forward to having more details about the game shared at the conference as members of the development team shed some light on some of the game’s features. One of the key features that they are excited to discuss is the gameplay balancing and difficulty levels in the game. “A challenge in games can be measured with the difference between randomness and skill. Our goal is to make a game that rewards players for doing what it takes to cross that gap. A game where learning skills and ultimately mastering them is the basis of fun and entertainment,” said Tomasz Gop, Executive Producer at CI Games.

LORDS of the FALLEN is a complex action-RPG featuring an advanced combat system together with an uncommon and interesting approach towards gameplay difficulty. Taking on a mission to defeat the Lords who command a Fallen Gods’ army, players will experience one of the most epic and unique fantasy universes in the action-RPG genre. Only proficient use of a huge arsenal of powerful weaponry and methodical planning of one’s actions will let players emerge victorious in the cruel world of LORDS of the FALLEN, where no mistakes are forgiven.

The Role Play Convention is the last occasion to learn more about LORDS of the FALLEN before a playable version of game will be official unveilled and presented live at the Electronic Entertainment (E3) Expo in Los Angeles, California at the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 11-13, 2013.

LORDS of the FALLEN will launch in 2014 on PC and next gen consoles.
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