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To mark the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson from Manchester United, new football video game Lords of Football is introducing a free upgrade where injury time of matches will be renamed “Fergie Time” within the game – a reference to the supposedly excessive amount of extra time the Red Devils get at the end of matches.

Lords of Football is available for PC via, Steam, Green Man Gaming, GamersGate and other leading digital vendors.

For further information on Lords of Football and its unique take on the world’s biggest sport, visit the official website at or the Facebook page at

The Fergie Time changes will be made in the next upgrade

Lords of Football   LAUNCHED 5th April 2013

The training bibs are off, the boots are on and the orange slices at the ready. Fish Eagle and game developer Geniaware, today launch Lords of Football available for download via, Steam, Green Man Gaming, GamersGate and other leading digital vendors.

Lords of Football takes you out of the arm-chair and straight into the dugout. Take your team from Sunday league slouchers to world legends.  Lords of Football is a whole new sports lifestyle simulator, played in God Mode. The everyday routine of football is brought to life, simulating footballers' training to improve their skills and all the drama and real-life distractions that unfold during a normal season. With easy drag-and-drop navigation and by learning each footballer's personality, you must oversee all your footballers and resources to bring the team up to international competition level. The game takes place in an immersive 3D world with a customisable team, and rewards success with club upgrades to expand this exciting, vibrant football simulation.  Gianluca Vialli, consultant for Fish Eagle said: “We are all really excited about the launch of Lords of Football today. It has been a long time in the making and we are really proud of the final product. The game gives users a completely unique approach to a football sim, putting them directly in the hot seat, controlling everything on and off the pitch.”  The all-new website features all the latest news and information for fans of Lords of Football.    Lords of Football  is NOW AVAILABLE THROUGH STEAM

 Fish Eagle and game developer Geniaware, are pleased to announce that Lords of Football is now available to pre-purchase through Steam with an exclusive 15% discount. The game launches on 5th April via and the Steam platform.

The training’s complete, the discipline has been dealt, now is the time to take your well-honed skills to the pitch. Arm-chair supporters finally get their chance to call the shots in Lords of Football’s ground-breaking match mode.
Check out the latest trailer to see how you can issue commands from the side line to achieve a tactical advantage and lead your team to victory.

Lords of Football gives players the opportunity to manage every aspect of their team both on and off the pitch in this genre defining title, from designing a completely custom kit and creating specific strategic line-ups to ensuring your players 

don’t become addicted to the party lifestyle and start a conga line in the middle of a busy street. 

Lords of Football is a sports lifestyle simulator where the everyday routine of football is brought to life. Focusing not only on training simulation and advancing players’ skills, the game also depicts all the drama and real life distractions that unfold during a football season.
With the antics of modern footballers often attracting more attention off the pitch than on it, Lords of Football offers gamers the opportunity to influence all aspects of life at their own fully customisable club. 

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Games Gazette Review:
 The game is set out like a sim Town. I chose to play a North London team (as near to Spurs as there is in this game) and I get to fly over 3D buildings and enter those that are named, such as the Casino or Bar on one side of the river and the Clinic, Main Office, Changing Rooms, Physiotherapists, Gym etc on the other side where the Football ground is located. As each day begins the players arrive at the ground, some walking, some by car and others via the local Underground train station. They will make their way to the changing rooms then when ready run out onto the pitch to await instructions. If you want to you can round them all up onto the pitch immediately and they will automatically be in football gear as they land on the pitch (you literally pick them up and "fly" them from place to place).

To begin with you only have basic equipment and basic training facilities. As you play games and score goals and keep clean sheets so the Chairman of the Club invests more money and you get better or more equipment. As you are new to the game and thus to the club you have chosen to manage you inherit a group of somewhere around 22 players. Many of these have personal problems - herein called addictions. You can help them by sending them to Therapy - the local Radio Station is a good place to send someone with an ego addiction as they get to chat on the radio and feed their addiction that way. Others are addicted to Gambling, Food, Alcohol etc and need different therapy sessions to help them. While they are in therapy they are not training so you have to balance their happiness and attitude with the necessity to field a team for each game. Injured players get treated at the ground and heal over time.

The Football Club has a training ground where you can have the players practice passing, heading, running and do exercises for strength and stamina both on the track and in the gymnasium. At the end of the day the players all go their separate ways and you need to keep an eye on them, especially the ones who like a drink or to gamble - drag them out of the pub or casino before they get themselves into trouble.

Select your team for the next match and then decide formation and tactics - there are many to choose from of both. If you find a set up you like then you can save it so that the team will play that way until you change it. All this is done through the easy to use tactical Editor. When you are ready you can start the match. There are 2 options for the match, instant result (boring) or watch it and affect it as it goes. You can substitute, change tactics, even tell the players to counter attack or defend quickly - by the way, I have no idea what sort of command that is or what effect it has. You may pause the game during play and make substitutions and chage tactics etc. These take place the next time the ball goes out of play.

Graphically this is not one of the best simulations of soccer I have seen, but it is a good fun managerial game. I understand that to use proper team names and players names costs a small (or large) fortune with copyrights etc and many soccer simulations therefore have teams that are close, like Tottenham Wanderers or Mancity United for example, but some of the player names in Lords of Football are beyond sense - Le Monstre, El Diablo, the Buccaneer, The Acrobat  being some of the more ridiculous names. I suppose that some people will find them amusing and in a different style of game I would agree, but this is a fairly sensible, comprehensive, soccer simulation and that's why I am not impressed.

Overall this is fun, rather basic, but easy to use game without hundreds of charts and tables. It is possible to buy and sell players, I know because there is a Transfer Market, I just haven't managed to get it to do anything as yet. I have put a few players on the transfer list and asked for some replacements (by type not by name or reputation - it doesn't get that deep) but after a few hours of playing nothing has come of this at all.

It's good, not great, and it's fun.

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