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No-Rules Guy is a dedicated non-conformist first encountered by Mordecai & Rigby in an episode called House Rules. He takes them to a place where rules don't exist, and we used him to illustrate the Rules Reset card in Regular Show Fluxx. But we also decided to make him a promo card with the power to get rid of any rule you dislike during your turn, since such a card works great in any Fluxx deck. No-Rules Guy strikes down rules everywhere he goes!

No-Rules Guy Promo Postcard

This is a Keeper which you can add to any Fluxx deck. It says "During your turn, you can trash one New Rule." This card was published in 2014 to promote the release of Regular Show Fluxx, and Cartoon Network Fluxx. It is a card that peels off off a postcard. The stripe-side of the card is shiny, due to the peel-off method, but this will not affect gameplay. This card is not available in 25-packs, but it is available to Looney Labs Game Techs in 100-packs for conventions.

Available only to customers with billing and shipping addresses within the United States, Canada, Europe, Middle East, and Africa.   More Information:   Price: $1.00

Who Needs Rules, Anyway?

We have had a blast this summer playing games and meeting people at GenCon, and at our local events as well as our first San Diego Comic Con! If you saw us at any of these events, it's unlikely you walked away without our newest promo card, No Rules Guy. We still have a few left so we've made them available in our webstore... No Rules Guy is a powerful card in any deck so pick yours up now!




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