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The Dungeon, a pair of modular battle map books, launches on Kickstarter 18 April

Attention Adventurers! An Endless Dungeon awaits! Launching on Kickstarter April 18 (preview link links to live Kickstarter from April 18)

The Dungeon is the new modular & complementary pair of Battle Map Books from Loke BattleMats. A unique product which combines easy storage and portability with up to an epic 24”x24”’ playing area and a huge number of map combination options, these are book of maps you play across.

The Dungeon is level and flat so it plays just like one large traditional map. Our wire bound format is the closest you can get to a traditional RPG Tabletop mat will all the advantages of a book as well. Just open & Roll!

Fully Laminated throughout and thus wipe clean, every page bar the front & back covers is a map so you get the maximum dungeon out of the books! No more hastily drawing dungeons or spending hours preparing for games. Just open & roll for initiative!

Presented as a set, The Dungeon comprises two 12”x 12” Modular Books of Battle Mats designed to either create 12”x12”or 12”x24” maps using one book, or combine two books to form 24”x 24” playing areas, 12”x 48”, or frankly any other combination you can think of. Designs have standard entry/exit points to allow the adventure to grow and grow.

The wire bound spine allows the books to lay completely flat or fold completely in half. It also means you can ensure the books are 100% level so your adventure can move seamlessly across the map.

The Dungeon, a set of 2 Modular Book of Battle Mats, features - 

·         Two Books presented as a set.

·         Each book is 30 map pages (stretch goals will add extra pages).

·         Portable, adaptable, expandable and modular.

·         Wipe Clean laminated pages of Dungeon themed Battle Maps for RPG encounters

·         Wire Bound format, 360° spine offers unrivalled flexibility and lays completely flat.

·         Linked designs & standard entry/exit points throughout to allow play across multiple pages and books seamlessly.

·         1 inch grid throughout.

Live on Kickstarter April 18 (preview link, links to live Kickstarter from April 18)

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