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Live on Kickstarter until March 1 is Loke’s Wilderness Books of Battle Maps. 

Two modular books of wild themed maps which line up to create epic maps covering all the biomes you could need for fantasy tabletop roleplaying games. Now the map for your next encounter is at your fingertips in a handy book set. The Wilderness is the third in Loke’s Modular Map Book range, joining The Dungeon and Towns & Taverns. 

Loke’s ENnie winning map books are a must have for DMs and a real time saver (especially mid game when the adventure takes an unexpected turn!). This kickstarter also includes Loke’s popular add-on scenery for Wilderness settings which allow maps to be customised in moments. 

Loke are also offering a great value digital only pledge for virtual tabletop play (as well as including the digital maps in every physical pledge level). This pack of 110+ digital maps, 90+ tokens, 5-+ page PDF 5e Adventure and 100+ Page random encounter generator is perfect for online adventuring. Stretch goals will add more digital maps and written content to the Digital Wilderness! 

As The Wilderness is the final addition to Loke’s trilogy there are some rather special extras available in the campaign. An immersive double sided DM screen, Exclusive oversize wooden D20, Deck of Combat Twist encounter cards and 300+ page book of random encounters are all available in pledge levels and as optional purchases in the Pledge Manger. 

This wild adventure starts on Kickstarter!


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