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The Lively Bones is live now on Amazon and Drive Thru Fiction. If you purchase the product here for a limited time you can Pay What You Want. Yes I believe if you find the product of value I really want you to pay what you think it is worth. The normal price is $5.99 USD. If you want to pay more after the fact, please send payment to via paypal.

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Here is the back cover blurb enjoy!

The End is here!

On December 22, 2012 a meteor fell from the sky and struck the San Andreas Fault. Southern California fell into the water and disappeared beneath the earth. Destruction and ruin gripped the remaining parts of America from the west coast all the way to the east.

This started the Lively Bones effect.

A destructive entity emerged from the impact known as The Dominant One. It brought new life to those who died. Souls trapped in their bones could no longer reach their afterlife. Instead, the newly formed undead sought out minerals and metals to support their new afterlife here on Earth. Those without knowledge became ravenous beasts, destroying everyone and everything, in a blind search to slake their insatiable appetites. Those who lived fought the dead. Marshall Law gripped the land.

After the impact, the Dominant One fell into a deep sleep near the Mariana Trench.

Namtaru, an ancient Sumerian god, along with his followers brought this creature from its prison inside an asteroid. Using the power of the Deep Well, the ancient god of death gave knowledge to a select few, creating hunters, or Sha-Rur, to serve his will. Their mission: to pave the way for the final awakening of the Dominant One, by eliminating any rivals to their power.

Sean Shettfield is the 31st, and last child of a rival Sumerian god. He stands with the other remaining children of Siin: Cristoval Cola Lopez, and Princess Zahra of Sheba. Dragged into the conflict without consent, Sean fights to overcome his reluctance and assume the responsibilities of wielding so much power. Helped by three ex hunters, Mark, Henry, and Callie Mae, they seek to stop Namtaru before he can raise the Dominant One from its slumber.

Will humanity end? 

© Chris Baylis 2011-2015