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Little King's Story  is a real-time strategy game co-developed by Cing and Town Factory. It was originally created for the Wii and published by Rising Star Games in Australia and Europe, by Xseed Games in North America and by Marvelous Entertainment in Japan, all in 2009.It has recently been revitalised and reimagined for the Home Computer market. An enhanced version was released for the PlayStation Vita under the title of New Little King's Story and a Microsoft Windows version was released in August 2016. The game is published by North American version of the game publisher Xseed Games.

The main player character, taking the name you give him (so King Ted it is then), is a young boy who finds a mysterious gold crown which gives him the power to charm people and make them follow orders. This makes him the King of Alpoko Village where he has a goal to expand the village and make his people happy. 

Visually it's a wondrous blur of colours, almost like a home movie, animated expertly but fuzzy with crayon like colouring, weird, but in a way also polished. The Little King Ted is moved around his miniscule kingdom by a mixture of Mouse and Keys. Within moments of the game starting the King discovers that his Kingdom is broke, brassic, skint.The Kingdom comprises of a ruined castle (about the size of a cow shed and just as drafty) plus 3 Ministers, (Howser the Bull Knight, Verde the Records Minister and Liam the Anything Minister) 3 cows and 12 citizens. There is a zero % Job Rate and an empty treasury. Oh yes, there is also a poll chart showing that you have 0 in Love, 0 on Meh! and 12 in Hate - you have your work cut out for you.

Being the King, and a kid, you decide to organise a Treasure Hunt. To do this you go to your citizens and use your charms to have them follow you. There are Xs marked on the map, top right corner, and these may be treasure or they may be hazardous. You send your citizens out to search them and maybe fight if necessary (calling them back if it looks too dangerous). In your Kingdom you will meet all manner of folk, such as the wonderful Mr M, the naked musician and self-proclaimed Troubadour of Alpoko.

It's all a bit of a chaos really, a fast paced crazy run around with all possibilities of a goal in sight but nothing concrete. It's a world of silly, pied-piper style fun. Not really my sort of game and probably better suited for the hand-held console or tablet than for the larger screened PC.


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