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LINEAGE II REVOLUTION (from NETMARBLE) is a free to play MMO that you can play on your Android Phone or Tablet. It is a high fantasy full-on total war adventure (click on any of the screenies to see YouTube videos).

 There be Dragons ...  I fought Gorsaur at Level 6 and won (on auto) which also gained me a level and endsed the first of three episodes for the opening Chapter.

For some reason I had a couple of problems downloading and installing the game onto my Samsung S8 but after a few installs and uninstalls I finally did whatever I was doing wrong, right, and it installed. Thankfully the company who asked me to review it were very patient and very helpful with suggestions and ideas.

My first impression was WOW! For a free game the graphics are amazing and the characters move so fluently, much better than the majority of MMORPGs I have played - this being based on the PC game of this genre. However, I soon became aware that I was watching more than I was playing and it soon got to the point where I was letting autoplay run the action while I sat and watched an animated movie unfold in front of me. There are times, mainly when playing the PvP part of the game, where I took control rather than let the game play the scenario out for me - mainly because my random use of skills and powers made it more fun, though I still managed to lose most of my arena fights - using the AI to control my character in battles up until now I have never lost a fight (fingers crossed that I haven't just put the mockers on it). Watching auto combat is like watching a dvd on fast forward. Winning a battle when controlling and selecting the spells to use was far better and rewarding than winning on auto, but overall the result was the same and it took more time - you actually get a message as to how long you have taken on certain Quests and Combats. You can turn the Auto off completely and with Auto on your choices are very limited, mainly to "Tap Here for ....?" "Claim Reward"  "Accept"  etc ... but they keep the film/game flowing freely and as it speeds up so your adrenaline pumps faster, even though you are leaving the action up to the game. Weird but still kind of exciting.

Like most MMOs Quest or Task givers are shown with a Yellow/Gold exclaimation mark floating above them, click on the character (NPC) and they will begin talking, asking you to help them usually. In Lineage II: Revolution when you find a Quest giver you have to tap the screen to the left where the Quest is listed; tapping on the Quest giver does nothing even though it's the natural thing to do for regular players.

Like almost every free game online there are in-game charges if you want to buy your way to success. However it is also possible to let your character auto level itself and then you will be getting the better equipment, powers and skills etc at no cost other than time. For some MMORPG players this is just the ticket. You can play when you want, watch when you want and even on occasion do nothing and yet still make progress. It's great to have a full on MMORPG in your pocket that you can take and play almost everywhere you go - DO NOT PLAY it while DRIVING - but the small screen of the phone loses some of the visual scope of the PC version, and the characters, especially in mass combat battle scenes, are too small to enjoy. The answer is to play it on a 10" tablet but then unless you have huge and deep pockets it is unlikely you can carry it around with you all/most of the time. The screenshot of the Dragon (above) is (at least on my monitor) the same size as my phone's screen so that may give you a perspective of the game on a mobile device. The controls on the mobile are also fiddly, at least for someone like myself who whenever I am writing a text I have to correct spelling errors regularly because of my lack of dexterity in fingers and thumbs, whereas on the table they are somewhat bigger and better; neither match the fluency of the interface and controls of the PC though.

The popular MMORPGs give you a myriad of options when you start out and are creating your character. LINEAGE II: REVOLUTION gives you just a few options in comparison, but still enough to make a good avatar, though maybe not one you care about as much as you do your "World of Warcraft" first character. At first you could only select from the following options, if you wanted a Male character it has to be either a Human or a Dark Elf, while all females were either Elf or Dwarf. You then pick a class (Warrior, Ranger or Mage) which you will keep until you reach level 31 at which point, after you have completed a number of Quests, it splits into two sub-classes, these will be slightly different for each race.Updates have made a whole lot  more options available and the game is looking more and more like a full scale MMORPG rather than an arcade version of one.

I think there may be an age gap problem with the Mobile edition. Older players like myself are losing their dexterity, their eyesight is faltering and the faster a game moves the more our minds get muddled. Younger players are always on their mobile phones, texting, social media use, playing games, all at fairly high speed and on the move. Older players prefer the comfort of an office chair (or similar), the size of a monitor screen and the controls of a full size keyboard and a mouse - oh the joys of crossing over from thirty-something to a lot more and then some.

As you progress through the game it becomes less of an arcade style and more of a massive player onslaught and more options open up and become available, even without spending real cash. In fact there are a lot more free choices. But speaking of choices, by playing daily you are rewarded just for logging in and the rewards are better if you return to log in monthly. Daily rewards include Gems and these can be collected and then used to Teleport etc.

To continue progressing you are best to take on the Daily Dungeon, each with different monsters and rewards - the stronger you are the tougher the creature you can choose to face and the better the rewards. Just like most MMOs, crash the dungeon, kill the minions, defeat the end of dungeon monster, take the treasure, though in Lineage II the treasures/rewards you get are generally for your character, Race and Class. You can only enter one Daily Dungeon free per day; there are also choices of difficulty, Easy (which isn't if you are low level), Normal (I have always found that Normal = Death for me), Hard (Not for my 7th level dudette) or Very Hard (not a chance!). On Easy I received an Enhance Armour Scroll.

I have played LIMEAGE II: REVOLUTION for several hours now and although I started out wanting to actually play and control my character the more I play the more I accept that pushing the auto button and letting the game play out so that I can watch it without having the stress of punching buttons or trying to control a moving character. The funny thing is, I am beginning to actually like it, in fact it's rather like directing a movie (or how I imagine it would be to direct a movie, having never done so).

Okay that's enough of a taster for you. I am now heading back to Majiknoir, my Mage, to see how far I can get in the next hour or so. It's fun as I can play and do other things at the same time without losing focus on anything. I am currently playing on my S8 phone, watching a TV show on my old PC and typing this review and enjoying all three things - I must be a woman as I can multi-task LOL!





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