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Title: Life Goes On: Done to Death
Genre: ActionAdventureCasualIndie
Developer: Infinite Monkeys Entertainment Ltd. 
Publisher: Infinite Monkeys Entertainment Ltd.
Release Date: 17 Apr, 2014

This funny little game on the PC via the media of Steam had me laughing out loud and (almost) rolling on the floor while I played it. In fact, My apologies for this being quite a short review, but each time I try to play it and write about it I just end up with gut-ache from laughing

If you are feeling down about anything then grab yourself a copy of this game and lighten and brighten up your life.


You are in control of an ever-lasting army of Knight who will die for you if it means getting the latest Quest done, and believe me, they really do need to die for you to be successful.


This is a puzzle solving game like many others you may have seen and/or played, but it has one major difference, and that is that success comes at a cost and in this game the cost is the deaths of your knights. Success is not only judged by just reaching that shining Grail at the end of each mission but also by the number of sacrifices you have had to make along the way. If there is a 10ft wide pit of nasty sticky-up spikey things then send in a knight or two to create a pathway for the next knight to jump onto and across. If there is a pressure pad needs holding down, watch and discover how to create a dead knight so that it lands on that pressure pad and holds open the door/turns off the fire etc so the next knight can get through.


After solving several puzzles in this manner you might get a little blaise with your knights, and that's when the game gets even more amusing because some of the puzzles can then be solved without any sacrifices (or at least without many sacrifices) but by then you have accustomed your brain to seeing how to make paths of the dead for the living and you don't see the way through the spikes.


Not quite retro in graphics, not up to date 3D either, but just right is the blend of animation and sounds (and in-jokes), that you cannot help but become quickly addicted to the game.

As you complete levels by killing less knights than expected you gain pieces of equipment, such as the Viking Helm or the Battle Axe. Exactly what use these are to you during play is never made clear, so read "none", but you do get to see your current knight looking cool with his or her (yes there are Lady knights) latest fashion accessory.

LIFE GOES ON: DONE TO DEATH has all the hallmarks of a Monty Python sketch combines with a quality side-scrolling platform game (you can name whichever of these you like). It is a quality game with a rrp of £6.99 for the download.

Life Goes On: Done to Death Releases Today for PlayStation 4, Windows, Mac, and Linux  Dying is mandatory in Infinite Monkeys Entertainment’s comical puzzle platformer

Using dead bodies to solve puzzles? Sounds morbid, and it definitely is in Life Goes On: Done to Death, a comical puzzle platformer released today for PlayStation®4, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Death is not a setback—it’s your only means to progress in Life Goes On: Done to Death. Deciding that dying would be a drag, a mighty king sends his army of knights to find the Cup of Life. You’ll kill knight after knight and use their dead bodies as tools to solve puzzles through each level on this macabre quest. Impale knights on spikes to create a safe path. Freeze knights into blocks of ice to reach higher ground. Electrocute knights to open doors. And even turn a knight into a slow-witted, violent zombie to use as your puzzle-solving friend.

Better yet: in Life Goes On, death is funny. Brave yet bumbling, the knights’ bodies flop and flail as they get caught on sawblades, fired from cannons, and zapped with electricity. As you sacrifice knights and solve each challenging puzzle, you’ll unlock new hats and weapons—think knights wearing beanies, while charging forward wielding floppy fish. There’s also a furry friend named Jeff hiding in each level for you to find.

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Life Goes On debuted on Steam in 2014. Life Goes On: Done to Death is a new, expanded version packed with added features such as a sky world, The Ruins, that nearly doubles the game’s total playtime, unlockable hats and weapons, portals, zombies, and extra-challenging bonus levels. People who own the original Steam version will receive the new content via a free update.

“After we released Life Goes On, we felt the game had more potential, and we had so many ideas that we didn’t get to include,” says Erik Johnson, one of the team’s developers. “We took advantage of this console release to create larger, more in-depth puzzles and to show more of the game’s world. We also gave the knights more personality—we are really happy with the extra humor we were able to add with the new features.”

Life Goes On: Done to Death is localized into eight languages: English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, and Polish.

About Infinite Monkeys Entertainment

Life Goes On is developed by Infinite Monkeys Entertainment, a team of three nerds (obviously) based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We met at a local game jam, where the idea for the game first came to be. Life Goes On’s initial PC release won awards including Best Character Design from Intel’s Level Up and selection for the PAX10. Since then the team has been making everything that’s great about Life Goes On even better in Life Goes On: Done to Death for the game’s PlayStation 4 debut. Learn more at


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