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The Genius Son of Professor Layton Finds Himself Against Nine Diabolical Cases of Murder, Mystery, and Intrigue

London, United Kingdom – September 5, 2013: Renowned Japanese game company LEVEL-5, best known for the critically acclaimed PROFESSOR LAYTON , INAZUMA ELEVEN and NI NO KUNI, has released LAYTON BROTHERS MYSTERY ROOM, a crime-solving adventure game featuring enigmatic cases and new mysteries for the Android operating system. Previously only available on iPhone / iPad / iPod touch, the game can now be downloaded for free on select Android devices in North America and Europe with two initial cases to solve, with additional cases available as in-app purchases for players who find themselves engrossed in the extraordinary adventure of the son of world-beloved Professor Layton.

Google play store:

“Bringing the Professor Layton spin-off to Android with LAYTON BROTHERS MYSTERY ROOM continues the great success LEVEL-5 experienced with the iOS release of the game earlier this summer,” said Akihiro Hino, President and CEO of LEVEL-5.  “Android users can now join in the fun, solving fascinating crimes that create the same sense of page-turning allure as a mystery novella.”

LAYTON BROTHERS MYSTERY ROOM assembles the finest detectives of Scotland Yard who take on only the most extraordinary and twisted cases in what is known as the “Mystery Room.”  The game features genius investigator, Inspector Alfendi Layton and his newly assigned assistant, Detective Constable Lucy Baker, who must delve into each case’s dark secrets -- but it’s up to the player to investigate the evidence, find the contradictions, and unravel the truth that lies shrouded in mystery.

LAYTON BROTHERS MYSTERY ROOM gameplay features include:

LAYTON BROTHERS MYSTERY ROOM is available in North America and Europe for select Android devices today via Google Play™ as a free download, with Case File Pack 1 available for $2.99 USD / €2.69 / ₤1.99 and Case File Pack 2 available for $1.99 USD / €1.79 / ₤1.49. The title remains available on iPhone /iPad / iPod touch under the same pricing. More information on LAYTON BROTHERS MYSTERY ROOM can be found online at

LAYTON BROTHERS MYSTERY ROOM is a vailable in English only in all territories , except for Japan where it is available in Japanese.

LEVEL-5 Inc. plans, creates, and markets videogame software in Japan. The company’s flagship  PROFESSOR LAYTON series has shipped over 15.0 million units worldwide, while the mega-hit INAZUMA ELEVEN series has shipped approximately 6.5 million units worldwide. The Little Battlers eXperience animated series, based on the hugely successful games of the same name, will soon make its western debut in Europe and the Americas. The company recently released Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch for North America and Europe, featuring animations by the Academy Award-winning Studio Ghibli, and music by Joe Hisaishi. In September 2010, LEVEL-5 Inc. opened an office in Southern California. While maintaining its base as a game company, LEVEL-5 Inc. continues to actively explore collaborations with other media, as it strives to become a world-class entertainment brand.  More information on LEVEL-5 Inc. can be found at ; and

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