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LEVEL8® Step by Step to victory 


who creates first all eight stages by collecting the required card combinations and interpret? With the new "LEVEL 8®" games Ravensburger offers three versions of the popular card game. Play, Master version and board game function according to a similar gameplay with varied versions and simple rules. 

LEVEL 8®: The exciting card collecting and discarding game 
In LEVEL8® Ravensburger it is step by step towards the victory. Only those who interpret the required combinations of numbers and colors, such as "2 Three successes" or "1 + 2 twin triplets" of its current level, coming to the end of passageway Next Level. For cards replenishment not only of their own discard pile and covered deck provides - it may also cards from the discard stacks of the other players are pilfered in order to accomplish the task faster. The player still to rid his remaining hand cards first, skips as a bonus a level. The simple rules and quick playing style make LEVEL 8® an exciting card game for the whole family. 
For 2 - 6 players, ages 8, about 9 euros, ET July 2016

LEVEL 8® Master : Who is LEVEL 8® Master? 
LEVEL 8® Master of Ravensburger brings LEVEL 8® fans through demanding tasks and the additional action cards more fun. With the special cards "The I take", "The exchange of 'I' and 'The reserves' I' must cards stolen by the enemy, to be replaced with the deck or saved from shedding. Because with LEVEL 8® Master applies: Only those who interpret the tricky combinations of numbers and colors, coming to the end of the passage to the next round. 
For 2 - 6 players, ages 10 and up, about 9 euros, ET July 2016

LEVEL 8® - the board game : now comes into play Würfelglück 
It goes around in LEVEL 8®: in board game itself tactician roll around on the large Schedule. After each throw you have the choice between two options to their current level to meet as soon as possible. So it is, for example: swap hand cards or rather steal a card the other players? Especially popular are the Joker and the fields of action, in which one may make its next move. 
For 2 - 6 players, ages 10, Susanne Armbruster, about 30 euros, ET August 2016 
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