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LEGO DC SUPER VILLAINS is a barrel of laughs set within the incredibly imaginative DC Universe.

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It uses the renown, tried and tested, Lego Actions, Punches, Kicks, Super Skills and Powers and of course the wonderful resurrection capability as characters are split into a myriad mini Lego bits & pieces and then pull themselves together (literally pull themselves together) ready for Round Two, Round Three, etc. etc. 

Earth has a new assembly of super-heroes, alike and non-too dissimilar to those it has known before, but where have they come from? another planet ? another universe ? another dimension ? perhaps just around the corner ? and what is their meaning for being there not too long after the Justice League has vanished. Are these new heroes, dubbed 'Justice Syndicate' truly heroes or are they more villainous than the renown infamous villains like the Joker, Solomon Grundy, the Riddler, all of which are in this game. This, as one (or more) of the DC Universe's most popular, or brand new, super-villains, is the quest you have to unravel. But do you have to play an already tried and tested villain ? Of course not! 

In Lego's DC Super-Villains you get to design, create and play/control your very own Super-Villain. Here is a link to a YouTubeVideo that shows you just how this is possible.


To compare this to any of the other Lego DC Super-Hero games is easy - it's better! Not by a long chalk, no, but by way of story and interaction. Generally the game plays very similar to all the other Lego games, characters walk, run, fly or use vehicles in much the same way throughout each and every game. The story here is somewhat stronger and more interesting than just playing various Super Heroes to defeat infamous Super Villains and the voice acting, complete with its multitudinous of comedic sentences and throw-away comments, is some of the best you'll hear in any game or animated film. 

It is packed with cinematic sequences and voiced by such good talent that there isn't a singular weak or disappointing character in looks, actions or sounds.

I will not make a long list of character voice actors, although every one of them deserves to be noted, but I will mention that amongst them are:
Armin Shimerman: 194 acting credits, including: Star Trek Next Gen, Deep Space Nine, Ally McBeal, Buffy the Vampire Slayer 
Brandon Routh: 57 acting credits including: DC Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow, Chuck, Superman Returns
C.Thomas-Howell: 208 acting credits inc: The Blacklist, The Punisher, Ray Donovan, Sleepy Hollow, Grimm
Clancy Brown: 274 acting credits inc: Trollhunters, Ultimate Spider-Man, Transformers, Thundercats, Gargoyles
Cherami Leigh: 239 acting credits inc: Sailor Moon, One Piece, Witchblade, Gunslinger Girl, Erased, God Eater
Robin Atkin-Downes:  380 acting credits inc: Buffy, Babylon 5, NCIS Los Angeles and more video game voices than you could remember
Plus many who need no introduction by way of acting credits:
Mark Hamill
John Barrowman
Gilbert Gottfried
Gina Torres
Michael Dorn
Michael Ironside

The complete list is a remarkable entourage of vocal talents, many of who we have all heard at some time or other and yet would be unable to place a name to the voice, but we know the voice!


So many children (and grown-ups, much like myself, who refuse to act as older than 8) love to play with Lego, and Lego Super-Heroes and Super-Villains are fantastic to collect and play with as toys are supposed to be played with. Through the power of the PS4 (and other electronic devices) that wondrous world of the DC Universe which you have envisaged in your imagination is brought alive in bright and gloriously vivid colour with excellent animation. Playing this and other Lego DC games makes me wish that instead of creating a multi-multi-multi (etc etc etc) universe for Lego Dimensions Lego figures from far more different Worlds and Universes had concentrated on just a few of those by making more figures from them, making the figure sets more collectible and then new sets could have been added . 

In LEGO DC Super-Villains on the PS4 there is no requirement of figure collecting, but you do get to play on-screen with and alongside some of the most magnificent Heroes and Villains ever created. The DC Universe is monumentally impressive and this game doesn't prove that (there's no need to prove what is actually already a truth) it enlightens it. 

As readers of GGO will already know I am a great fan of Lego Dimensions, I love the way you can interact characters from different storylines. In LEGO DC SUPER-VILLAINS you play and control some of the Universe's famed Villains to interact with a new group of Super-Heroes; these latest  'Super-Heroes'  having their own agenda plus some incredible super-powers.

I thoroughly enjoy playing LEGO DC Super-Villains; it's great to be playing the good bad guys, rather than the good-good guys or the bad good-guys. 

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