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Legends - who is the best in the club of adventurers?

It is a daring bet entered into by the four members of the prestigious "club of adventurers" in London: you want to travel in only 75 weeks to eight most legendary places in the world and learn as much as possible about their legends. Back in London will see who could acquire the most knowledgeable with the best travel planning, thoughtful tactics and a bit of luck and have to pull the other its hat to whom.
W hen new Ravensburger family game "Legends" slip up to four players in the roles of adventurers and traveling to Atlantis, follow in the footsteps of the Yeti and discover the grave of Nefertiti. In Luggage everyone has been a little knowledge in the form of different colored Legend cards he receives at the beginning of the hand. Who is the train, pulling his character to a place of his choice. He has two options: He collects either further knowledge in the form of maps of the open pocket expenses on the Schedule or hidden by piles of cards. Or he has collected enough cards of this place and therefore knowledge and places as evidence a travel diary there. The more cards he gives, the more points and therefore reputation beckon him. But the competition never sleeps: Possibly another adventurer collects cards of the same place and trying to make a reputation points in dispute. In addition, the players sitting time in the neck. All actions - travel, collect cards, store travel diaries - free time, so you should use them cleverly.
But nor are the reputation points are not set in stone. Four times in the 75 weeks, the Club members meet again in London, to talk about their knowledge of the legends. Because time is at a premium, the Club members only the five most promising stories to hear. This may affect the player by dropping cards from their hand face during the game in the game "Club of adventurers" repeatedly. The best course maps of places where they have stored books. First meeting, first intermediate Rating: This is so cool. The hole cards in the "club of adventurers" are mixed and sequentially uncovered, until the cards of five different locations for inspection. Only those who have stored there travel diaries, gets valuable reputation points. Who after 75 weeks and four votes has the most prestige points wins the bet and with it the match.
Legends is a bit more challenging adventure and travel game for the whole family, are in demand in the good planning, tactics and a little luck. The game is suitable for ages nine years, costs about 39 euros and is available from January 2016
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