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Legendary World War Hulk is NOT a stand-alone game. It is necessary that you have the core box set of the Legendary Deck Building game to be able to use the cards in this set devised by Devin Low for Upper Deck. If you are going to play the Planet Hulk story you will need the basic cards from the core game, cards like S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents, Troopers, Officers etc

When I buy cards for a game, any game whether collectible, trading or deck-building I want to know a couple of things. First off is that they are compatible with the core set. Of course they will be, but will they all be compatible with every other card released for the game, well that's another question? The first to find out that producing thousands of cards for a game was WotC with MtG (tm). The first set of 400 cards for them produced questions and queries by the dozen as well as incompatability and confliction between card actions. I'm not going to say that there aren't any such conflictions in LEGENDARY but to date, having played it a lot and using many different cards, I have yet to find any discrepancies.

My second thing is the artwork. The artwork may not be part of the game's actual mechanic, but if the artwork is poor it takes your mind off the gameplay, whereas if the artwork is good, or great (back to MtG) then the game has a god chance of taking off, saleswise, and the more the game sells the more it is played - well in general, there have been some notable exceptions (Xxxenophile (tm) being the first to come to mind) that have great art but are rarely played (or remembered).

LEGENDARY is one of the two top Deck-Building games from UpperDeck, the other Being the VS System, they are not compatible but they do feature many of the same characters from the MARVEL universe. WORLD WAR HULK is, I believe, the first large box expansion for LEGENDARY to headline just one Marvel character. There have been small box expansions, such as DEADPOOL, but with only 100 cards making the 400 cards in WWH a tremendous expansion that will truly rock your LEGENDARY games.

The 400 cards are in 4 x 100 sealed decks, though two of them are exact duplicates, thus 300 new cards featuring 15 new Heroes, 7 new Villain groups, 4 new Bystanders and 8 new Schemes, so plenty of scope for new (sorry I seem to have used 'new' a lot so far, I'll try to do better as we proceed) adventures with exciting game play. 


The LEGENDARY large box sets come with foam/sponge pieces to allow you to separate the cards. Although these help keep the cards safe and tight for travelling, preventing them from becoming a right-royal mess as the box is moved around, none of the LEGENDARY sets contain larger card dividers (as in many of other companies deck builder games (Pathfinder Adventures (tm) for example) which really make life easier for sorting cards to use each game; in fact I have taken to putting separate card types into zip-loc bags and marking each bag with a 'Sharpie' but still using the sponges to keep each zippy in tight where necessary, cards are so much easier to locate this way.


LEGENDARY WORLD WAR HULK has some lesser known Villains as well as some old favourites. (When I say 'lesser' I mean to me, personally. I used to collect Marvel (and DC) comics as a youngster and had around 300+ which my dear Mum thought I didn't want anymore and gave away to one of her friend's kids, so after that my comic collecting days were over. I stopped 'following' the two Universes and so haven't kept up with all the changes, deaths and newcomers, thus 'new' or 'lesser known' to me might be popular to others).


MASTERMINDS: Each Mastermind has their own Mastermind Tactics cards as usual plus there are 'Support' groups and 'Villain' groups along with numerous HULKS. Masterminds are also double-sided, one side being the Transformed Mastermind Character.
General 'Thunderbolt' Ross
Illumiati Secret Society
King Hulk Sakaarson
The Red King
The Sentry


Death's Heads
Octoplasm Spikes
Sakaaran Hivelings


Aspects of the Void (Crimson Dynamo)
Code Red (She-Hulk, Elektra, Punisher)
Illuminati  (Dr Strange)
Intelligencia  (Cosmic Hulk Robot)
Sakaar Imperial Guard  (Primus Vand, Lieutenant Caiera)
U-Foes  (Vapor, X-Ray, Ironclad, Vector)
Warbound  (Elloe Kaifi, Miek, Korg, Hiroim)


SUPPORTING CAST: Each of the 'support' groups has at least one 'Transformed Character' card
Amadeus Cho transforms into Like Totally Smart Hulk
Bruce Banner transforms into Solve the Impossible or Savage Hulk Unleashed
Caiera transforms into Vengeful Destructor
Gladiator Hulk transforms into Hulk is King 
Hiroim transforms into Hiroim Redeemed
HulkMaster Iron Man transforms into Ultra-Massive Armor (Armour for us Brits) 
Joe Fixit/Grey Hulk transforms into Underworld Boss 
Korg transforms into Lord of Granite 
Miek the Unhived transforms into Hive King Miek 
Namora transforms into Master of Depths 
No-Name Brooding Queen transforms into Torrent of Broodlings
Rick Jones transforms into The Destiny Force or A-Bomb or Captain Marvel
She-Hulk transforms into Hurl Trucks 
Skaar Son of Hulk transforms into Raging Savage

If you are unfamiliar with the Planet Hulk story it is described on the rules reference sheet that comes with this set. Basically, The Hulk gets banished to an island, Sakaar, where he is forced to be a Gladiator. Like Spartacus he rallies the other gladiators (aka Warbound) and eventually finds peace as King Hulk with a beautiful wife, Caiera. The Illuminati kill Caiera and the Hulk goes berserk, off to the mainland intent on finding and destroying the Illuminati. In this scenario you can play as Gladiator Hulk and the Warbound or choose from any of the other Marvel Heroes at your disposal (slightly changing the game story naturally). To prevent a Hulk on the rampage you require another Hulk (cards that have Hulk as a Hero or Hulk in any form in the card Title).


The key theme of the WORLD WAR HULK is transformation. Naturally Heroes not from this set cannot transform as it isn't a power they have so be careful about which non-WWH characters you select. My favourites to use are Deadpool or Thor but then they are my top two favourite Marvel Heroes anyway so I am a little biased.
In WWH you cannot simply transform your character when you want to. There is a process to go through, well explained in the rules so read them carefully and comply as necessary, no need to repeat them here as unless you have the set they will mean nothing to you as other sets do not have the transformation ability. Mastermind transformations are slightly different but in general metamorhosis can only occur when a card tells you it occurs.

KEYWORDS: Not all but a sweet taster to whet your appetite for this excellent LEGENDARY expansion.
LEGENDARY actions often depend on Key Words and this set is no different. Key words here are mostly new but others have been used previously.
OUTWIT: Something super-smart characters have - Amadeus Cho, Bruce Banner, the Illuminati.
SMASH: Hulks smash when they are angry, very angry.
FEAST: (my favourite) some aliens like to 'eat' their victims. This isn't a new Keyword if you have 'LEGENDARY: PAINT the TOWN RED' but it is to me as I don't have that set (it doesn't matter if it is new to you as it is described fully on the rules sheet).
TRAPS: Also new to me and fun to use, Hulks can be defeated/captured by Traps (first found in 'LEGENDARY:X-MEN).

This is an outstanding expansion for LEGENDARY as it has a major league storyline but the Hulks and Villains all fit neatly into the LEGENDARY game compatibly. Devin Low is again the desinger of the game and the card set; the box art is by Jay David Ramos and Cliff Richards (note the 's' on the end of Richard thus ensuring it isn't the famous English pop singer moonlighting as an artist). The excitingly dynamic card artwork is by Cam Adams, Caio Cacau, Leonardo Paciarotti, Cliff Richards (there's that 's' again) and Anthony Spay.

With a cost online of between £28.00 - £33.00 and at your local game store between £29.99 - £37.00 this is a classic supplement to the LEGENDARY game. Note to Upper-Deck: Personally I would love to see an ASGARD boxed set of this magnitude, just think of THOR and LOKI going head to head along with their friends and foes on Asgard and on Earth in a brand new expanded card set complete with new schemes, keywords supporting cast.




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