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  This is a tongue in cheek program supposedly designed to help young 30+ men pick up young attractive women in different situations - on the street, in a club, in a bar at the gym etc. It has an actor who I suppose to some girls will be attractive but to me he looks and sounds rather sleazy, at least some of the things he says are creepy to say the least.

If ever there was a non-PC PC game this has to be it. From publishers:  RLR Training IncRed Dahlia Interactive this is a training program designed to teach 30-somethings how to pick up women. I suppose in this over-the-top world of Politically Correctness it is extremely difficult for a man (or even a woman) to approach a member of the opposite (or same) gender with a means to beginning any kind of relationship. If a man approaches a girl and makes a complimentary comment about her looks, her face, hair, legs, boobs (ok that's a real no-no ), dress etc it can be construed as abuse - a strange man (or woman) speaking to another stranger without being introduced is likely to fall foul of the law. Does SUPER SEDUCER do anything to address this in a helpful manner ? 

Well the answer is quite possibly but not definitely. The first thing learnt by any young man is confidence, if you show confidence on your approach you are halfway to your goal - not necessarily seduction at this point, but intrigue most definitely. The first video clip in Super-Seducer has a young girl walking along a path and a young guy seeing her and deciding to chat her up. After the initial approach you are set four possible ways to begin your chat.


Whichever you choose the scene moves to the guy on the bed with his 2 girl friends. He begins by looking straight down the camera lens and talking to you, letting you know how you fared in your approach. Then as he continues to offer advice he turns away from the camera and appears to be speaking to someone  over on your left (as you view the screen). It is quite disconcerting as he is still chatting man-to-man with you but is not looking anywhere near you. The girls just sit and/or laze around showing plenty of cleavage but saying and actually doing, nothing. If I was to be non PC I would say that they had been put into the scenes as "eye-candy" quite similar to the girls in Robert Palmer's "Some Guys Have All The Luck" video. The guy talks about one of the girls, saying "She this and She that" as if the girl isn't there in the same room - I don't know (m)any girls who would appreciate being spoken about like that, let alone seduced. There is another thing that I reckon is more likely to get you a slap than a kiss (though I suppose you could count being slapped as making contact) and that is when you are advised to tell the girl "Well done!"  I must say I cringed when I heard that little gem, I'm just delighted I wasn't told to pat her on the head when I was supposed to say it.


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Some of the enjoyment was taken away for me by the fact that there were only a four, at most, options of questions to ask and at least 2 of those were totally inappropriate asking the girl or girls in the video clips to enable sexual actions, but in a rather crude manner. Then when I chose one of the remaining two options the onscreen guy went on and on about nothing whatsoever to do with the question I had chosen and usually ended up insulting the girl, trying to steal an unrequited kiss or having her give you a dirty look and walking away in disgust.

Generally after you ask a question the scene changes to the guy asking the girl what you have chosen, but in a roundabout way, and then after you have watched him (and her) expound on the conversation, often going so far off base, the scene changes to Mr Sleaze (who cannot look at the camera for more than 50% of the time) on the bed with two partially dressed girls doing nothing. He then proceeds to tell you whether your approach was successful or not. A full Blue Heart in the top right corner means you are on the spot, but it goes down from there to a broken (in half) Red Heart which means you have screwed up royally.


The girls in the "game" are extremely pretty which means I find it hard to believe that they are not with some one already. The guy could double as Jesus in a pinch; if you subscribe to Jesus being a slim white guy with long curly brown hair, a beard and a moustache combo.The only difference between him and the generalised movie-Jesus is the spectacles.

I suppose if you have the confidence this guy is purporting to have, he actually approaches with confidence and then tends to slip into realism, you might try a few of his ideas, but the general Joe in the street  would most likely get cut off before the first sentence had left his lips if he tried the same approach. For example; two beautiful girls sitting together in a club atmosphere. They are obviously friends and out for the evening's fun without their partners (there's no way that two girls who look like the two here are flying solo). Going up to them solo and trying to cull one away from the other is not, in my book, a move that is going to get you a real phone number and a date with one of them, you definitely need a wing-man, someone to take on the weight of the girl you don't fancy the most. This guy just eases up, joins them at the table and proceeds to ask all manner of intruding questions - I was surprised he didn't walk away with a lap and head full of drinks.

You have to take this as a bit of male misogyny and with a large handful of salt. It's supposed to be a bit of a laugh and as long as you don't go all PC over it that's exactly what it is. I imagine some girls/women will either be or pretend to be offended by it but in general I think most ladies will laugh at the things us poor men have to do to and go through to legally gain their attention without coming over as a perv. Girls often dress in ways that show off their bodies and men appreciate that a lot. It isn't pervy to look (I do mean look, not stare or leer) at a girl who has dressed to show off herself, but in no way does it mean that she is gagging for it and only you can supply what she needs. In its own way this game does its best not to objectify women while at the same time sort of pleading with them to give the guy who is obviously attracted to you a polite but firm let down or enough encouragement that you and he could maybe get to know a little about each other. It is NOT a manual for sex or to get a girl into bed, it is a fairly honest look at the problems men face trying to get to know new girl friends (not necessarily girlfirends but girls who are indeed friends).



Having said all that I am still not sure about the guy. If I was a girl I think I would be on my bike rather than fall for his self confident immorality. He smarms rather than charms.

But for all this, if you have a few friends round (men and women) for a light entertaining evening this could be a great deal of amusement.



RLR Training IncRed Dahlia Interactive

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