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Light your lamp, check the doors and windows are locked, and prepare to enter a world where the arcane and occult are very real.

For all of mankind’s advances in science, the world remains a realm of mystery and supernatural occurrences. The Victorian Era is the age of sinister fictional and historical villains, such as Count Dracula, Mr. Hyde, and Jack the Ripper, and an age when interest in the occult reaches new heights.

This major expansion to Leagues of Adventure is one of restless spirits and haunted houses, crumbling castles and Gothic architecture, fog-shrouded streets and deep forests, decadence and decay, secrets and madness, in which the supernatural defies the rationality of science and cold logic.

Within this book you will find:

▪ New Archetypes, Skills, Talents, Flaws, Leagues, and weird science devices specifically designed for those devoted to fighting the forces of darkness.

▪ Eight detailed player characters (with art) and eight henchmen ready to use straight from the book.

▪ Rules for horror, corruption, fortune-telling, occult grimoires, magic, and mentalism, plus an array of occult relics ranging in power from mere trinkets to potent items of myth and legend.

▪ Statistics and information on 38 fearsome monsters, 26 human lesser villains and heroic allies, 22 diabolical major villains, and 7 sinister cults.

▪ A tour of Gothic Horror locales around the world.

▪ Guidelines for running Gothic Horror adventures and generating a spooky atmosphere around the gaming table.

▪ Suggested styles for Gothic Horror games, sample campaign settings, and more adventure seeds.

▪ A timeline and Who’s Who of Gothic Horror in the Leagues of Adventure setting.

▪ A list of literary, audio, and visual references for the budding Gothic Horror Gamemaster.

Available to order from the Triple Ace Games webstore and RPGNow.


The Hellfrost Atlas map sheet Kickstarter only has FOUR days left to run!

For those who want only the glorious full color maps, perhaps to plan your Hellfrost campaigns or to track your group's progress across the continent, for use in your homebrew fantasy games, or even to pin to your wall and admire, we have just the thing for you!

Hellfrost Atlas Map Card Set

Format: 46 cards (8.5" x 11") printed on 300gsm Freelife Satin card stock. These are not dry erase coated.

This product comprises 45 pages of full color overland maps printed on card plus a separate card for the map legend. Laid out on the table, the cards form a 9 x 5 rectangle measuring 76.5" (194 cm) x 55" (140 cm). That's an area of over 29 square feet (2.7 square meters).

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The Land of Fire Bundle of Holding is down to its last five days. What do you get by buying this bundle of products? Everything, and we mean EVERYTHING, we have released so far for Land of Fire. That's over 900 pages of setting material and adventures with an Arabian Nights feel.

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