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Friedberg, 06/05/2014: Many fantastic spheres - from the Sixth World by Shadowrun on the Ninth World by Monte Cook up to the World of Twelve accordance Krosmaster - meeting on 10 and 11 May in Cologne each other: For the eighth Roleplay Convention holds Pegasus Games (Hall 5.2 Stand B.027) a varied program for fantasy fans of all imprints. In a wide variety of game rounds with exciting promotions and extraordinary cooperation partners Pegasus makes games for best entertainment.

With Krosmaster Arena the game sensation from France finds including their iconic figures finally make their way to German gaming tables. A variant-rich struggle for survival, however, deliver to the fractions in the atmospheric novelty board game Space Station Theseus. Accustomed captivating werewolves rounds can now be enjoyed in a small group, thanks to the brand new werewolves Inquisition. Supplies for proven fun deliver the freshly printed extensions Mage Wars: Champion vs. power. Warlord and Smash Up: Science Fiction Double Feature. The fifth edition of Shadowrun is, however, equally extended to two volumes: The limited shade manual and the adventure-band light from the ashes. And with Munchkin legends, the most legendary of all Dungeon tots for millennia sheltered mythology on the fly on the head.

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