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Valentine's Day is long gone and March has begun! New events come to Luvinia World.

To start the month off is a Family Scavenger Hunt, which runs the entire month and challenges every family. Is your family good enough to be the best on the server? Get your entire family involved as you must complete a list of things to find in the game. The families that complete the most list items will be given great prizes.

Be the face of SOA Games! Make a video recording in Luvinia and create the most epic of video trailers in the newest video contest, which runs until March 15th. The best video will be rewarded and might be uploaded to SOA Games' YouTube channel as the newest trailer for the game. We will also reward other top entries. Everyone is encouraged to join!

Do you love looking at doodles? Well here's a challenge for you: the weekly doodle challenge. The GMs will post up a doodle every week. Your task is to tell us what you think the doodle means. Be as creative and humorous as possible. Show us your funny side! But keep it clean.

Lastly, Luvinia World has a brand new website with an awesome design. Check it out for yourself at:

SOA Games is hiring interns for game development, programming, animation, as well as other departments. If you are interested in putting your foot into the door and learning more about the gaming industry, this is the perfect chance! Send us your CV and resume to stating what position you are interested in.

Also, we need YOUR help to make Luvinia World a better game in the fantasy MMORPG genre. How can we make the game shine? Let us know your opinion of the game by sending us your feedback at We want all of the media sites begging to promote YOUR game. Let us know if you are having problems filling out the survey.

Join us now at and send us a like on so you don’t miss out on a single update!

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