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RETRO LOONACY  is a 2-5 player fast-paced crazy fun of a matching card game from the Imaginative brain that is Andrew Looney and his wonderful wife Kristin & the Team at LooneyLabs.

It is playable by anyone able to recognise items and objects and who can hold a deck of cards in one hand whilst playing them out, one at a time, with the other hand.

LOONACY is a game of matching the pictures by playing cards from your hand onto any of the discard decks already in play - the number of discard decks depends on the number of players.
With 2 players there are 4 Discard Decks, with 3 players there are three, with four players 4 Decks and with 5 players just the one.

Each card is split into two halves so that each half faces opposite directions and shows one main illustration and 2 smaller ones. Players play cards onto the piles matching any of the illustrations on show.

There is no "first player" in LOONACY as all players play at the same time, just select a player to call "start" or "begin" or "Loonies Go!" and everyone begins to play. The object of the game is to be the first to empty your hand. If you cannot go you wait until you can there is no card drawing until ALL players cannot go and then one card is dealt face down per player so all can pick up and continue at the same time.

The rules are simple, you hold your deck in one hand, spread out like a regular hand of cards, and draw from it with the other hand playing just one card each draw even if you have two or several that match.

RETRO LOONACY is so-called because of two reasons, one is that LOONEYLABS have already published a game called LOONACY so this is sort of going back in time and secondly but foremost is that the illustrations are all of things from the not-so-forgettable past. Old style bicycles, kitchen clocks and televisions mix it with VW Camper Vans, Styrofoam chairs, bottles of soda pop and lava lamps. This is a wonderful trip back down memory lane for many of us and a marvelous look at how things have advanced, mostly for the better. Younger players will marvel at the Home Telephone and the Video Game Controller, the Instant (Polaroid) Camera and the Music Centre. There are so many memories in just one game it is like opening Pandora's Box and discovering your past life.

With the cards designed in 80's home-wall covering paint colours Andrew has designed a game that is a classic before it even has the chance to become one. 

We have played this version and the original version with players of all ages and RETRO LOONACY is the game of choice for every one of the players who have enjoyed playing with us. As parents, we grew up playing games with our children, never "letting" them win but always giving them the opportunity to see the moves that could be made. So now, as grandparents, we still let the youngsters have a chance (well half-a-chance) to check their hands and play a card if possible, at least for the first game and then it's every man, woman, child or grandparent to themselves. Believe me, once seven and eight year olds understand what they are supposed to do they will beat experienced gamers as often as they get beaten.

If you are looking for something to keep youngsters amused and entertained for 5, 10, 15 minutes then RETRO LOONACY is a great place to start.



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