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WARNER BROTHERS LEGO WORLDS on STEAM is a solo (offline) or multiplayer (online) adventure game of quests and questions across the amazing Lego-verse.
The LEGO WORLDS of the title are literally Worlds (Planets) made of LEGO, bricks, blocks, shapes and pieces. The game is great fun but the background music is repetitive and gets to be rather painful to your ears after a while so finding the option to turn it off is likely to be one of your first priorities.

When I began I was allowed to choose to be a male or female character and could then change certain aspects, head, hair, hat etc before taking off in a bright orange spaceship to LEGO WORLD.
On landing, rather a bumpy landing but I was all safe and sound, it's my ship that needed a few repairs. My character looked around at the grass and colourful surroundings. Huge trees reaching skywards, large plants with jagged green leaves and colourful flowers and Banana trees, as well as jagged mountains and other assorted terrain types - welcome to the first Lego World Planet. Picking myself up and brushing myself down I head on over to the crater in which my Rocketship is situated. There I discover it needs just 3 Gold Bricks to repair it, unfortunately amongst all the Lego around me there are no Gold blocks.

Seeing lights shining from the sky in three locations I head out to the first one and find it's a farm with some chickens and pigs, unfortunately the fenced off area doesn't have the number of chickens and pigs that the farmer's wife requires. Managing to get her 2 pigs and 2 chickens I head off to the next light, and so on and so forth.


On all the planets I have visited there are different themes, scenes, buildings, flora and fauna, and quests. To find a Quest-Giver who will ask you to do something for them you have to ghead towards the downward beam of light. On the first quest you are rewarded with a "Discovery Tool" that allows you to collect anything that turns the machine's beam green when it is aimed at. In this way you collect creatures, building plans, trees, flowers, bones, all manner of things, plus you can beat up most things you find and scramble them to collect the Lego pieces they are made up from. You use the Lego pieces collected along with the device and the plans or copies of items also collected to create replicas - you just aim the device where you want the replication to appear and pull the trigger (well actually you press the Left Mouse Button) and it will materialise. I spent about an hour wandering around looking for the other chickens until it suddenly dawned on me to replicate them. However that hour wasn't wasted as I collected lots of Lego pieces and completed two other quests, gaining another device en route.

On the first Planet the theme of Pirates, I also found a couple of row boats. One click on "Q" and I was in the boat and rowing around the island - this is when I discovered that LEGO Worlds are flat - if you row over the edge you drop off and blow up into little Lego particles. But no worry as you spring back up and are ready to go again in next to no time. Other Worlds feature so many weird and wonderful creatures, buildings, structures and more that it's best you play it and find it out for yourself. If you like LEGO games and you haven't already got LEGO DIMENSIONS then this is the next best thing (at the moment of course).


LEGO WORLDS is a perpetually changing game because you have the power to destroy and build, create and assist. Someone fallen in a deep hole and can't get out ? No problem, just jump in next to him, build some block-stairs and cajole him to climb up and out. The only thing about building the blocks is that if you put them in the wrong place you cannot unbuild them. Usually punching things breaks them into collectible parts but not the blocks you build. When you complete quests the quest-giver hands you a Gold Lego brick and to complete the major task of the Planet you have to gather the required number of Gold bricks.

I believe the term "Sandbox" is the way the genre of LEGO WORLDS is described, meaning that players can literally play in it until their hearts are content. If you don't want to do the quests then you can simply have fun manipulating the landscape to suit your own ideas of paradise. You can have a great deal of amusement playing offline or online, solo or multi-player, with LEGO WORLDS. 








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