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LEGO 'The INCREDIBLES' video game is based on both of the films 'The Incredibles' and 'The Incredibles 2'. 
The game was released by Warner Bros on 15th June 2018 for PS4 Xbox ONE, Nintendo Switch and Windows under the genre 'Action-Adventure'.
Developed as a Single or Multi Player video game by TT Games (aka Traveller's Tales, TT Fusion).
Retails at around £30.00 - £35.00

Just to point out that The INCREDIBLES are an animated family of Super-Heroes created by Brad Bird. It's pretty obvious that they owe their existence to the 'Fantastic Four' although they are not a direct copy, Mr Incredible, Bob Parr, the dad, has super strength, his wife Helen is super-stretchy and goes by the name 'Elasticgirl', with their children Violet (can turn Invisible) and Dashiel aka 'Dash' is Super-Speedy. The Parrs also have a baby, Jack-Jack who can immolate (without the dying part) at will. The two movies about them have been incredibly successful and the game, being a mash-up of those films, is incredibly amusing. It should be noticed that a lot of what you do, see and come up against in this game also occur in the movies, so if you have seen them (the films) then you may guess what is coming next, and if you haven't seen the films then playing the game may spoil them for you.
Within a very short time of starting the game your team has gained the assistance of another hero; Frozone, who can fly and freeze things, though making a spectacularly incredible ice bridge has to be his pièce de résistance. Frozone and the Parr family are just a few of the 113 characters to be found, many of whom are citizens the Incredibles take non-award or rewarding missions from. Near the beginning this is saving Ice-Cream thieves, capping Ice-cream fountains, putting out Fires, rescuing Folk trapped under ice-cream mountains, cars, and so on, and Protecting Property etc. Whilst on these missions the Heroes may discover one of the two hundred and ten Gold Bricks - regular players of LEGO games know that finding Gold Bricks is often like finding 'Easter Eggs' in other electronic games.


What it is about LEGO games I find it hard to put my finger on. A few years ago LEGO was an almost forgotten product/toy. Then someone had the bright idea to turn it from being just a play-set of building bricks into a play-set of building bricks that were an actual game. LEGO board games and LEGO electronic games became very popular very quickly and LEGO gained a new lease of life. Once the electronic games in particular had grabbed a whole lot of the movie franchise market, making LEGO adventure games of many of the major movie properties, the war was won and LEGO was reborn. So much interest was created in the games that the LEGO boxed sets of World Famous Buildings, Movie sets, Dinosaurs, Cars, Planes, Helicopters etc etc etc, you name it LEGO build it, all hit a new high in popularity (and in price - LEGO is no longer a cheap Christmas present option).

Like most LEGO console games you get to take out any frustrations you may have by beating up just about everything (except most buildings) and reducing them to just a slowly disappearing pile of LEGO pieces, mainly the tiny round pieces which are collected as points. On occasion the broken objects break into pieces but do not disappear and this is when one of the LEGO heroes can manipulate them into something useful - quite often a ramp over which you can drive a vehicle and land in an otherwise difficult/impossible place to reach.



Many of the missions are quite straightforward but some of them are puzzles that you have to solve; problems and puzzles like 'How do you get to the top of the building if all the doors are locked?' or 'How can that fire be extinguished'. Most are the same or very much similar to puzzles solved in previous games, only using different methods. Whether you have played anything like this before or not it grabs you. The action is fast and it is a whole lot of fun. If you 'die' (well you never die per se) you get busted into hundreds of pieces which incredibly put themselves back together on the spot in seconds and you are ready to play on.

Playing two players splits the screen, as it does in LEGO DIMENSIONS, and each player controls a single character, though changing character is quite easy by the use of just one button. Players should work together to complete the tasks/missions as necessary. Each hero's skill is useful at some point and there are occasions when their skills need to be combined for both the mission and for exceptional special effects - there are plenty of those in the game.


Below is a screenshot (found online) of the Parr family from one of the movies and above is how the game Parrs look, I'm not sure why their appearance was changed as Warner Bros etc must have the license to use them, but I would still guess that copyright has something to do with it. it makes no difference to the game play what they look like, they still act and move and behave like The Incredibles. Most, if not all, characters encountered will be known to fans of The Incredibles and the movies. I have seen both of the films, but having a poor memory served me well when playing this game as I couldn't remember anything to be either helpful to my progression or a hinderance to it and thus it all seemed fresh to me.

On a large screen TV and with the power of the PS4 the game is a joy to play and incredibly amusing in parts throughout, often it isa like playing a part in one of/both film/s. On a smaller screen (but still with the power of the PS4) it is just as exciting and fun to play, though The Incredibles are naturally a lot smaller - hence playing it on the PC or Switch doesn't do the game justice because of it's immensity. A quick note on visual quality; apart from the heroes and other characters all backdrops are in incredibly bright colours and it is generally very easy to spot which parts you can interact with and which parts are backgroung boards.




This game is so very good and addictive but it does have occasional freak-outs. The couple that come to mind immediately are movement on foot and driving, both caused by the lightness of touch the controller offers. I have driven several times in the game, all manner of vehicles (you can do a 'Grand Theft Auto' move and stop a car, pull out the driver and replace him with yourself love this idea) but actually steering them is not easy. Running is also a bit cumbersome and you are just as likely to run into someone or something because of the erratic control. However the overall game goes along at such a good speed that you mostly haven't the time to stop and think of what you might have done.

I have played a lot of the LEGO games, not just LEGO DIMENSIONS (although that is still my favourite) and this ranks up there with Harry Potter (tm) and many others.



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