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Heroes it’s time to dispatch - Antropolis city’s got company! Bournemouth, UK (Wednesday 16th April 2014) – Today Amuzo can announce that Windows 8 is the latest platform to see LEGO® Hero Factory Invasion From Below land on their app store.
The game follows Amuzo’s previous title, LEGO Hero Factory Brain Attack, which set a record of over half a million installs in one month on Windows 8 when it launched in 2013.
So get ready for action Microsoft Surface owners because LEGO® Hero Factory Invasion From Below is OUT NOW and FREE to download on Windows 8! 
‘Working with Microsoft last year to launch Brain Attack on Windows 8 was an absolute pleasure and exceeded all our expectations in terms of downloads, especially in such a short space of time,’ said Mike Hawkyard, Amuzo’s Head of Business Development. ‘We were so pleased with how well the Windows 8 users responded to the game and we hope LEGO Hero Factory Invasion From Below will be received just as well, if not better!’
LEGO® Hero Factory Invasion From Below introduces the new Mini Robot Heroes who must build and pilot a range of mighty machines in the battle against giant beasts, allowing players to dodge, jump, squish and blast their way to victory.
Antropolis City is being overrun and is in need of major reinforcements. It’s now time for Windows 8 players to step up and combine forces with the stars of the Hero Factory.
Choosing from Rocka, Furno, Evo, Bulk, Breez, Surge or Stormer, players must reclaim the streets, venturing below the surface into an elaborate world of crystal caves, acid pits and magnetic chambers to battle against incoming hostiles.
Build powerful Battle Machines to defend the city streets and hold off the deadly swarm of scuttling enemies emerging from deep underground in this thrilling action adventure game.

Coinciding with the latest LEGO® Hero Factory product line, there are nine Battle Machines to unlock, such as the missile firing Freeze Machine and the height boosting Jet Machine to defend against boss beasts, including the fearsome Jaw Beast or mean Splitter.
“Being able to choose from multiple Heroes as well as enemies means there’s a greater choice of gameplay in LEGO Hero Factory Invasion From Below than we’ve seen in any of our games before,” said Head of Production at Amuzo, Adrian Smith. “Plus with Hero Points each Battle Machine can be fully upgraded to make them more powerful as you continue through the levels to the even more frantic and ferocious battles.”
With power ups and perks hidden throughout the levels, the battle between the Heroes and beasts has just begun. Players can also enjoy action packed CGI video animation throughout LEGO Hero Factory Invasion From Below, revealing the story as you play the game.

It looks like these creatures are done hiding; it’s time to send in the cavalry. Quit messing around and come aboard – the fate of the Hero Factory is in your hands!

Watch the official LEGO Hero Factory Invasion From Below game trailer HERE.

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