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LEGO DIMENSIONS: STARTER SET for XBOX360 is under £55.00
LEGO DIMENSIONS: FUN & LEVEL Packs from about £10.00 to around £30.00



You must have the Starter Pack as this is where it all begins, after this the world, as they say, is your LEGOYSTER!

The first piece of advice I can offer is that you should take note of the instructions and take your time. The LEGO GATEWAY (reminiscent of the StarGate) has a kajillion pieces, and once built you will almost certainly have a few extra odd pieces over - don't throw them away as you never know if they are a miscount or indeed going to come in use at some time. The StarGate, oops! Lego Gateway, is actually fun to build, especially if you like Lego or if you are like me and haven't "played" with Lego since your children grew up.I never had Lego as a child so I had a whale of a time putting the whole thing together.

Of course, the majority of this building isn't necessary, and it's actually a bit of a nuiscance to store away safely once you have finished its construction, but it is part of the fun of the game. You really only need the base plate which is connected to your XBox360 and contains the sensors required for the onscreen action to recognise the current character(s), but as I say, building the Lego Gateway is fun and it looks even more impressive when you see it onscreen and standing in front of your monitor in all its glory.

LEGO DIMENSIONS has been developed by "Traveller's Tales", the company who gave us LEGO STAR WARS: the Video Game and utilises some of the features found in that game. Dimensions is for one or two players who control the heroes of this wonderfully extravagant adventure. 

Dimensions is packed with the best collection of voice acting talent you could ever wish for; most of them recreating their most famous roles: Peter Capaldi (Dr Who), Elijah Wood (Frodo), Dan Castellaneta (Homer Simpson) and Christopher Lloyd (Dr Emmett Brown) as well as voice and acting stars of stage and screen, such as the wonderful Elizabeth Banks as Wyldstyle, Ellen McLain as GLaDOS ands the amazing Gary Oldman as Lord Vortech. 

In the Lego Multiverse, Lord Vortech and X-PO are on a quest for the Twelve Foundation Elements and have landed on the Foundation Prime, the planet where some or all of these elements are supposedly to be found. To keep the fun factor on eleven, the elements include the One Ring, the Ruby Slippers, the Palantir and the Flux Capacitor, with, of course, the associated  legendary characters.

Lord Vortech's plans are screwing up the Multiverse and are pulling in heroes and villains through vortexes, across worldly boundaries and into other dimensions. Then the game begins with Batman and Robin, and what could have been a roller-coaster ride, all ups and downs and twisty bits, becomes a rocket ride, all ups, fast & furious and still with the twisty bits. Without giving any more of the plot away, it is too much fun to discover for yourself, Batman saves Gandalf in Moria and then the pair of them team up with the LEGOndary heroine, Wyldstyle. 

Other than LotR, Dimensions will take you on a smash and fun run that includes Back to the Future, Jurassic World, Ghostbusters, Scooby-Doo, Wizard of Oz, Flintstones, Jetsons and the Simpsons; the witty entertainment doesn't end - well it does eventually, but then there are dozens of Fun, Team and Level packs available to continue your enjoyment for a long time. 

A little later I am opening yet another bag of Lego bits and within minutes (okay "several" minutes) the Batmobile is ready and being driven by Batman straight into the action. You can also drive the Batmobile into just about everything onscreen and as they explode you collect points by collecting the myriad of Lego pieces, as any player of Lego electronic games will be familiar with. Sometimes when you smash things up you can rebuild the pieces into something more useful, and appropriate to the current situation.

Other than the Starter Packs, there are around 40 extra packs available at the moment for the PS3, PS4, XBox ONE, the Wii U and the XBox360 so it is quite possible that Lego Dimensions will never get dated as there are too many franchises, and therefore game options, in the TV, Movie and Entertainment world.

Apart from the game and one of the necessary electronic devices, you will need an amount of space in front of your monitor/television for the Lego Gateway and you will need a little space/table where you can construct the new characters, vehicles and equipment. The "if you only play one game .... " sentence has been over-used  so I will refrain (just about) from using it here, but I will say "If you only play one game on your XBox 360 then it won't be LEGO DIMENSIONS (because LEGO DIMENSIONS is way more than just one game)".





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