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LEGO DIMENSIONS is by far the most fun I have had on the XBox 360 without having to join XBOX LIVE in a long time.

LEGO DIMENSIONS is forever growing with FUN PACKS and STORY PACK.  Each FUN PACK has a figure and a Machine of some kind and each STORY PACK includes figures and a new Base.
STORY PACKS give you another base to build and sit on the TOY PAD which is connected to the Console. The LEGO DIMENSIONS game is available for several different consoles and is specific to the one you purchase it for (ie the PS4, ONE, XBOX 360 etc) but the figures in the FUN PACKS can be used on any game console.

The only problem I have encountered with LEGO DIMENSIONS to date is that there are no directions in the packs other than how to build the figures. The instructions for the Machines or Creatures can only be found while you are playing the game and the time is right, some models can be placed on the Toy Pad and not be recognised. Along the same lines there are also no instructions about how you leave the original adventure and begin the new story; some of the models also trigger the option to download and install the data for the new adventure.

Here are a few of the latest FUN PACKS and STORY PACKS available. I have used all the figures that come with these packs in the base adventure but am waiting to be given commands for the machines, that's why there are no photo's of thesm at this time.

 Marceline the Vampire Queen  

 Excalibur Batman  

  Michael Knight  


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them


The LEGO Batman Movie


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