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This game may go under the name of "Lego City Undercover" but a better title would be GTL as in "Grand Theft LEGO". It's a wonderfully chaotic and thoroughly amusing romp through the everr changing LEGO CITY with you as a Cop or a Citizen or one of dozens of other disguises which you change into at special cabins and buildings (just like Superman and his phone booth) and the flick of a button.

You get to chase criminals on foot and in any number of vehicles, including Cop cars and Cement Mixer Trucks all while destroying, and occasionally rebuilding, almost anything that stands in your way. Running into other Lego City Citizens often sends them tumbling, leaving them lying face up on their backs like flipped turtles but with their arms and legs pumping wildly. It's as much fun as LEGO DIMENSIONS but without the extra characters. Building blocks fly on the stroke of a key, and talking of keys, there are so many places that need a key to allow you to enter or search that thgere is a real possibility of this game taking over half, if not more, of your remaining life asa you search for them.

If you are lucky there will be a Police car at the Police Station that you can ride in, simply press U and off you go, lights and sirens as an added bonus. It is with the controlling of vehicles that I have my only minor complaint, the controls are pretty awkward "7" to accelerate and W to go forwards and A and D for left and right, notice that I don't mention the S and that's because if you crash into something you need to activate the ejector seat (which you don't actually have so pressing U again will eject you from the vehicle) as there is no capability for reversing  (or at least I haven't found it yet and believe me I've tried).

So what is LEGO CITY all about ? Apart from having chaotic fun that is. Well it seems that although you, Officer Chase McCain, had to leave Lego City a couple of years back following an embarrassing incident. However, since you've been gone (cue Rainbow) the villainous Blofeld of Lego land, Rex Fury, has strived for more power and thus has sent his men all over the city providing the Cops with a runaround job of trying to catch him. The Mayor has personally asked for you to return and put an end to Rex's crime spree.


So using your masterful skills as a detective and as a master of disguise you go undercover in Chan Chuang's Gang, taking on the recently vacated job of Driver, and it isn't long before you are chasing all over the city at your new master's bidding whilst reporting back to the Police Precinct whenever possible, and of course remembering which disguise to wear depending who you are with.RexThe race and fun continue with Chase (that's still you) chasing Rex and going into space, onto the moon and even battling a robotic T-Rex. LEGO CITY UNDERCOVER goes from silly to stupid and back again but never ever stops being enjoyable. Lego is so versatile and the Lego characters are so nice and comfortable in their parts (and even with their parts and when their parts explode into smaller parts) and so expressive. Who doesn't like Lego ? and animated Lego is the best thing since building bricks first appeared anywhere. You can do so much and be so creative while you are in the midst of being destructive. Also Lego games like this one allow you to do things that other game simply cannot.

Fun, Action, Adventure, Danger, Speed and many other adrenaline based emotions and actions can be linked and associated to, but otherwise cannot fully explain the wonder that is animated Lego. In Lego City there is a tale to tell and you are about to welcome that Tail into your life. Spectacular! Brilliant! Superb! the superlatives just spring into my mind and then roll off the keyboard (I'm going to have a heck of a job getting them back) with ease as I play LEGO CITY UNDERCOVER, or as I like to call it Grand Theft Lego.








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