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Kuźnia Gier is excited to announce the development of "Alcatraz: The Scapegoat" for digital devices. The company's board game bestseller "Alcatraz: The Scapegoat" will be available for smartphones, tablets and tv.

Alcatraz: is a cooperative game for 3–4 players which features a unique traitor mechanism. The players take the roles of prisoners who are planning to escape from the most famous prison in the world. But it is known in advance that not everyone is going to succeed… The game released by Kuźnia Gier in 2011 became a world hit, with an expansion set (another one coming this year) and different language versions available so far: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish and Russian.

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Since the beginning of year 2013 Kuźnia Gier's offer has been expanded by Wolsung: Steampunk Skirmish Game miniatures - - a skirmish game by Micro Art Studio, with KG being the official distributor in Poland, as well as Kingpin - the first mobile porting of the company's board game. This week two new Kuźnia Gier's products are going to be released in Poland: a new expansion for Wolsung: Steam Pulp Fantasty RPG, "Slavia", and a new expansion for Veto 2ed. CCG - "Krolobojstwo". Both expansions will be available only in the Polish langiage version, but the company has also prepared numerous games for the international market to be released in the upcoming months:


April 2013 - "Brainz" - a funny party game about zombie children hunting for braaaains! Designed by Krzysztof Budny and Michał Paszkowski, for 3-5 players (including one card dealer), graphic design by Undead Girl Studio:
Watch the animated trailer of the game:

June 2013 - "Afganistan - The Card Game" - the first product from the new Warcard series, co-produced by KG and Warbook publishing house, based on the books about modern warfare published by the latter company (including such authors as Marcin Gawęda, Vladimir Wolff or Marcin Ogdowski). Designed by Krzysztof Schechtel and Maciej Zasowski, for two players, the box will contain 110 cards and extra tokens. More info available soon on

Essen 2013:
- "Veto: The Boardgame" - based on the best-selling Veto 2ed. CCG (the first and only Polish collectible card game), set in the 17th century, the times of noblemen, winged hussars, court intrigues and elections of the king. Designed by Krzysztof Schechtel, Michał Stachyra and Maciej Zasowski, for 2-5 players.
- "Alcatraz: The Scapegoat - The Rat" (still a working title), the second expansion for Alcatraz, designed by R. Cywicki, K. Cywicki and K. Hanusz.
- "Top-A-Top Kids" - a variant of the party game Top-A-Top designed especially for young children. Designed by Agnieszka Migdalska, the box will contain 60 new tiles.
- the version of "Alcatraz: The Scapegoat" for mobile devices!

November 2013 - a new game from the Warcard series. More info available soon on

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