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Rumors say that a new prisoner will be transferred to Alcatraz this year. A legendary phantom, a man with a thousand faces, the master of disguise whose real identity remains unknown. Who may it be? Maybe… you!

Kuźnia Gier is very happy to announce a special New Year’s contest. Create your custom prisoner sheet for "Alcatraz: The Scapegoat" (using this template -  . Your work may be digital or traditional painting, a black/white sketch or even a photograph, just put it in the template where the original prisoners were and send it!

Kuźnia Gier accepts e-mail submissions until the end of January. After that time the publisher will choose the best three sheets and post them on the company's FB profile – - then the fans will choose the winner. The person whose sheet will get the most "Like it" hits within one week since posting will win the contest!

And what can you win?

1st place – your face in the next Alcatraz expansion and a copy of "1984: Animal Farm" signed by the designers
2nd place - your face in the next Alcatraz expansion and a copy of "Alcatraz: Maximum Security" signed by the designers
3rd place - your face in the next Alcatraz expansion and an Alcatraz badge


Kuźnia Gier, the publisher of the original version of "Alcatraz: The Scapegoat" is proud to announce that a brand new Polish-Spanish edition of the game is now available. Alcatraz was sold out shortly after this year's Essen fair, now it returns co-produced by Gen-X Games. "Alcatraz: El Chivo Expiatorio" is available in Kuźnia Gier's online shop ( ), and it will soon hit the shelves in game stores both in Poland and Spain.

Polish publishing company Kuźnia Gier is going to release three titles at this year's SPIEL fair in Essen: one completely new game (1984: Animal Farm) and two expansions, for Alcatraz: The Scapegoat and Top-A-Top.

Sample images and the first version of the rules of "1984" are available at BGG: (game's gallery) (rulebook)

On YouTube a videoclip appeared presenting the work on "Top-A-Top Plus" artwork by RAZ Company:

Meanwhile, the authors and original publishers are also proud to announce that Alcatraz: The Scapegoat (Kuźnia Gier's last year's release) is going to be published next week in the German-Italian language version by Heidelberger Spieleverlag and Cranio Creations.

Kuźnia Gier have officially announced their new Essen release. The game is entitled "1984: Animal Farm" and created by the team responsible for "Kingpin" and "Alcatraz" - Krzysztof Cywicki, Rafał Cywicki and Krzysztof Hanusz. It already has a BGG profile which is going to be regularly updated by the publisher, just as "Maximum Security", announced earlier this week.

"All Animal Comrades believe that 1984 was a great year for the Animal Farm – at least the Ministry of Truth claims so…"

1984: Animal Farm – a new game by the designers of Alcatraz: the Scapegoat – presents a dystopian reality where animals had overthrown their human masters. When the fires of the revolution died down, a political game began to establish the only right totalitarian regime. The players take the roles of animal dictators who will stop at nothing to gain absolute power over the global Farm.

1984: Animal Farm is a modular negotiation game for 3 to 5 players, based on the concept of forced cooperation. On one hand, players share some business with their neighbors, on the other hand – they are divided by the will to win. The game mechanics favors efficient strategy, slick negotiations and successful bluffing. At the same time it forces the players to form temporary alliances with their enemies and keep an eye on their friends. All this makes each round of the game abound in heated talks (both public and secret), pacts, promises and betrayals. Special abilities drawn before the game as well as the winning conditions guarantee that no two games will be the same.

"Remember fellow revolutionaries: All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others!"

The profile of the upcoming expansion for Alcatraz: the Scapegoat, titled Maximum Security, is now active on BoardGameGeek - ). It is going to be regularly updated with new info, images and rules. The changes announced so far include: gameplay for up to 5 players, 3 new locations, 4 new blackmail cards, new game mechanics: Chief of Security, Sucker and Sentence cards giving new abilities to the characters.

On their website Kuznia Gier summarized yesterday the last few months of the company's activity and unveiled their release plans for the whole 2012.

- this year's successes: Top-A-Top to be released worldwide by IELLO; Alcatraz: the Scapegoat licensed for Mosigra, Filosofia, Z-Man Games; Kingpin for mobile phones to be released by Mobile Wings (this month)
- release schedule (board games): a new edition of Inwigilacja (game available in Polish only) in summer; expansions for Top-A-Top and Alcatraz (expanding the game for 5 players to be able to play) and (for Essen 2012) a completely new game by the designers of Kingpin and Alcatraz: Rafał Cywicki, Krzysztof Cywicki and Krzysztof Hanusz. At the end of the year also a special party game for adults only should appear.
- release schedule (RPG): new supplements for Wolsung: Steam Pulp Fantasy (3 books: Slavia - spring, Wolsung Noir - end of the year, and a collection of adventures - summer), a Polish edition of Anima Prime RPG. Wolsung will be released in the English language version by Studio 2 Publishing.
- the company will also continue their work on the best known Polish CCG - Veto - a historical game about the 16th century in Poland, the time of political conflicts, Cossacks, winged hussars and wars with the Ottoman Empire. Several new products will appear.

At the end of 2011 the Polish publishing company Kuźnia Gier announced the upcoming mobile version of their Kingpin board game. There was a slight delay in the works, but the game should be finally released next month. Its offcial trailer is available on Kuźnia Gier's profile on YouTube - .   Kingpin for iOS and Android is developed by Mobile Wings Software House.

Kuźnia Gier, a Polish publishing company known for such games as Wolsung, The Witcher and last year's Essen releases - Alcatraz: the Scapgoat and Top-A-Top - is proud to inform that Alcatraz is going to be worldwide available via Filosofia Games, Z-Man Games Inc.

Kuźnia Gier officially announced today that an expansion for the Essen hit Alcatraz: the Scapegoat will be released this year. The first illustration form the upcoming expansion can be found on the publisher's website -

 ALCATRAZ    The Scapegoat    Kuznia Gier Poland

The sub-title of Alcatraz (the Scapegoat) is a mite confusing as the word scapegoat appears to have been misused. A scapegoat is a patsy someone on whom you lay the blame. In Alcatraz, the Scapegoat is the player who either prevents the others from escaping, and thus is a traitor, or is the player left behind as a diversion and thus is a hero.

ALCATRAZ is a player cooperation game. Each player has a character card on which they mark their stamina, cash, equipment carried and progression (Tasks A - F) in the escape plan. For 3-4 players, Alcatraz is about escaping from the prison together while knowing from the beginning that one player will not escape.

The players work together in all ways. When one of them completes an element of the escape plan they all benefit, except for the Scapegoat. The Scapegoat has extra movement and he use of Blackmail cards to hinder the plans, but as the Scapegoat is chosen by the players each round - either randomly or by discussion (it is up to them) - he can use these to his advantage to gain equipment that will be useful when they are not the Scapegoat.

This is a most unusual game, very dark in design and very clever also. The mechanics set the players against each other and at the same time with each other and of course there is the final back-stab as one player realises they have been sacrificed for the good of the team.

Players collect their escape kit by moving from room to room and dodging guards by various means (causing a riot in another Block for example). Each room may have something of importance, some of the rooms have Tasks that need to be fulfilled with the equipment found.

A devilishly clever cooperative game that works right down to the endgame.


Kuźnia Gier is proud to announce that their game Top-A-Top is to be released worldwide by the French company IELLO.

Top-A-Top is a Polish party game that premiered in Essen 2011 and the whole first printing as well as later additional printings are all sold out. Easy rules, fast gameplay, lots of humor - all this makes for the success of Top-A-Top. The game was noticed by both gaming and mainstream media in Poland - in printed and online issues.

IELLO, one of the biggest distributors of games and toys is known for such titles as Nightfall, Dungeon Petz, Discworld: Ankh-Morpork, or The Dwarf King. Now their offer is expanded by the title from Kuźnia Gier.

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