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Attentive to feedback from its public, Ankama is re-launching the Kickstarter campaign for Krosmaster Blast today and taking this opportunity to offer a revised and supplemented edition of its board game, crowdfunded on the famous platform through November 29.

Roubaix, November 15, 2018: More miniatures, multiplayer modes, set packs of miniatures instead of blind boxes – the Kickstarter campaign for Krosmaster Blast is blasting off again today! This revised and improved edition meets the expectations of a community committed to the future of the game, as the many comments received by Ankama Boardgames show.


Considerably expanded, the base game now contains:                              

- six miniatures (instead of four), compatible with Krosmaster Blast's older sibling, Krosmaster Arena;

- a board and pieces for use with the "Brawl" variation (for two to four players), the first in a series of multiplayer modes; and

- various game elements (challenges, minions, special cards, terrain tiles, etc.).

Ankama also took into account wishes that have been expressed regarding the future miniatures, which will now be released in the form of packs, rather than boxes left up to luck, for both Krosmaster Blast and Krosmaster Arena. This last game was what inspired the creators of Blast to build a game that successfully combines demanding tactical gameplay and easy-to-grasp rules.

More miniatures means more possible combinations and therefore even greater replay value, further enhanced by double-sided game boards that can be rotated for use in any direction. Ankama's dynamic and colorful aesthetic is fully present as well, along with its universe through the miniatures representing emblematic characters in its works.


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