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German Krosmaster Cup 2014

On 29 November in Nuremberg the first German Krosmaster Championships - with exclusive prizes for all participants


Friedberg, November 17, 2014: Since this summer, sending more players their detailed figures in the manga style in the arenas of Krosmoz and carry with them thrilling duels for the coveted prize penny from. Is played Krosmaster Arena. The new tactical miniatures game of Pegasus Spiele has soon joined a rapidly growing fan base, thanks to its playful sophistication at the same time lower entry barrier after publication. Since August, players can compete in Organized Play by Pegasus Gamesin stores. The friendly opposition reached on 29 and 30 November 2014 its current climax: Because then place in the German Games Archive in Nuremberg the first German Krosmaster Championships.

On November 29, from 10 clock begins the search for the German champions of Krosmoz. Participation is open to all players from Germany, Austria and Switzerland - a previous qualification is not necessary. And being there pays off: the participation brings all players exclusive prices around the iconic fighter. Also Krosmaster newbies come at the German Championship at their expense: who drop out from the Championship, Sundays can still shine in the side event. Beginners Krosmaster demo laps are necessary, however - and here it is cool goodies to dust.

A compilation of all important information and guidelines can be found on the tournament

With the German championship Krosmaster also the Organized Play of Season 1 of Krosmaster approaches the climax: From December Players can compete with their local dealer for prices of final surgical kits of the first season. The Organized Play is also the ideal opportunity to find a home in Krosmaster and meet other players. A simple request in the stationary retailers enough so to put one foot in the Krosmoz.

NOTE: Pegasus Spiele asks all participants of the German Cup, the (if already available) in advance, indicating their full name and their member ID card with a mail login.

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