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Friedberg, August 14, 2014: Delightful Music Figures - merciless duels: This is Krosmaster Arena. The exciting miniatures game is among gamers no longer a secret. Starting this month, provides Pegasus Spiele insiders and curious at the possibility of Organized tournaments Plays meet - and compete against each other.

This may include the Organized Play kits for Krosmaster Arena at Pegasus order games from the 18 August 2014 stationary retailer. It starts with the OP kits # 1 and # 2. Until December 2014 follows every month a new surgical kit with different prices as dice, terrain parts and figures. In addition, Pegasus Spiele all Event Organisers Event-free kits. These include a double-sided Schedule markers and decorative elements the complete material for the first Krosmaster tournaments of their own community. To this end, the retailer tournaments Limited format recommended by the blind boxes of Season 1. In this format, Blind boxes are bought and created from the figures contained spontaneously teams. The Limited format therefore is particularly suitable for the interaction of novices and connoisseurs Krosmaster.

Players who wish to get to know Krosmaster arena and those that have already been beaten into the spell of Krosmoz should immediately login to their retailer for official tournaments. Particularly ambitious Arena specialists can also offer in its stationary retailers as event organizers to support the construction of the Organized Plays and advance - and to be rewarded with exclusive price for support.

All important information on Organized Play for Krosmaster Arena are on stored.

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