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The 16 new Krosmaster figures of the season 5 mix up the arena vigorously

Friedberg, November 30, 2017: Wild Realms is the latest addition to the tactical miniature game Krosmaster Arena . Each blindbox contains one of 16 new characters that provide new strategies and tactics with their extraordinary abilities. 

After the last season brought scary-beautiful figures directly from the cemetery on the board, all sorts of hairy and sticky beasts have gathered in the current season. From the green-skinned Bworks with their big blades and bows to the wolfish Wuwulfs to the dog-like Ouginaks, all have one thing in common: their ferocity makes the arena rock. And then there are the sticky jelly kings in four delicious flavors and the somewhat unusual dragons. That does not just sound like a wild mix, Wild Realms is one too.

The fifth season is also the last Krosmaster Arena expansion released by Pegasus Spiele. Pegasus Games will continue to be responsible for distributing Ankama's self-released Krosmaster games in Germany and supplying dealers. The fight of the Krosmaster in the arena continues.

Here's a selection of Krosmaster figures, past and present just to show how super they are:



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