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New heroes on Krosmaster Arena: Pegasus Spiele have announced an autumn innovation for Krosmaster Arena - new and exclusive figures are available in the Pegasus Games Premium Shops 

Friedberg, July 15, 2016: For the tactical miniature game Krosmaster Arena in Q4 a new, completely revised basic game is the catchy title Krosmaster Arena 2.0 released. In addition, the next expansion set appearsOtherworldly with 16 new Krosmaster figures. The Graveyard theme with creepy monks, plaintive bugbears and other nearby shapes is reacted with atmospheric matching game effects.

At the center of Krosmaster Arena 2.0 is the new framework, which contains all subsequently added amendments and rules. The detailed explanation of the game, tutorials for gradual learning the rules and a FAQ section of the entry into the world of will Krosmaster Arena even easier. The game is also fully compatible with all of the figures that have ever been published, including those of the previous base game. Krosmaster Arena 2.0 also includes eight exclusive figures in which they are the main characters from the DOFUS film. These figures are only available in the basic game and are nowhere to be available elsewhere.

Did last gold greedy pirates and wild islanders made ​​the arenas uncertain now eerie figures rise from their graves. From Beyond is the new extension, which, like the new base game appear in Q4 2016th The set contains 16 characters with new abilities and gameplay mechanics. Here, a display includes 12 boxes with random characters of the series, including the figures code for the free online game.

Exclusive hero in the Premium Shops

From July 2016 exclusive Promo figures and cubes are available in the Pegasus Games Premium Stores. We start the almost unspeakable Grougaloragran in July. In August follows a Dice in Pink - guaranteed eye catcher in any arena - and in September the figure Promo Grampy Shopkeeper. Figures with English character cards were first available on the German championship in 2015 and are now available publication or ordered in any Premium Shop.

More than a game!

Krosmaster Arena is more than a game. With a vibrant background world, collectable, highly detailed characters and an active community, the miniature game is a unique gaming experience. Who even wants to be part of this community, can learn on a qualifying tournaments will know new players and measure his team with the teams of other players. In the qualifiers, players can also earn points for the World Cup qualifiers. The next tournament will be held in Nuremberg on 27 August 2016th All information about the tournaments and other events are on the tournament page. Beginners are welcome.

And who wants to actively support the community, can participate in the Judge Program and independently official tournaments and Organized Play events to conventions and in shops in consultation with Pegasus organize games and guided. Judges also help new players get started in the game and are the contacts for the regional community. Who make the most of his hobby and deeper into the world of Krosmaster Arena wants to dive, found this information on the Judge-side.

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