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Res Publica: 2230AD is a space themed, card game for 3-5 players, will launch on Kickstarter at the end of July and will be released in Essen Spiel. Follow us on Kickstarter
Res Publica returns with a revised version: Res Publica:2230AD and this time ravels in future, where races migrate through Space searching for new areas in which to settle. Intensive trading brings together strong Races, encourages new settlements and promotes the development of civilization.
Each turn is divided in three different phases: Trade, Display and Draw cards. Each player at his turn can make a trade offer and each player in turn responds in kind. Using the cards through trading and drawing players work to acquire five identical race cards in order to build a Space Station (which increases the number of cards you can draw each turn) or five identical technology cards in order to build a City (which gives Victory Points).
Aside the set collection and trading mechanics, you will discover some extra cards in the game. New buildings with different abilities that either allow you to build a City displaying four technology cards, or give you extra Victory Points. At the end of the game, players total the points collected and the highest score wins.


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