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Just a few months after receiving the Dice Tower Gaming Award 2011 for best family game, King of Tokyo wins no less than 3 prizes at the 2012 Golden Geek Awards: Best party game! Best family game! Best children’s game! 
A new record for a party game. And it is certainly not over yet!

Each year since 2006, the biggest board-game community in the world (400,000+ registered users),, awards Golden Geeks to the best board games.

King of Tokyo is a dice game in which you play gigantic monsters fighting over the destruction of the Japanese capital city. Simple rules and stunning graphics make King of Tokyo a quick, fun, easy-to-play game. Quite a winning formula,
since the game have been a dazzling worldwide hit, selling in 15 languages.

Power Up!, the first expansion for King of Tokyo, was released in October 2012.

Mathematics teacher Richard Garfield is celebrated worldwide as the designer creator of Magic the Gathering™.

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