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Do you remember classic games like Desert Strike, Tiger Heli, Air Rescue?
31 July 2013 - Long Beach, CA -. Today Retromade Game Studio is pleased to announce a Kickstarter project looking for funds and angel investors to aid the development their next game, Hell-IX (read as Hell "Nine").  Hell-IX is a combat & rescue game based on the team's favourite classics like Desert Strike, Tiger Heli, etc.; with the concept being very simple - take off, search for marines, rescue them and return home whilst fighting against enemy troops.
At Retromade Games Studio, we love how retro games play and use them to draw inspiration to help us with the creation of our titles.  We believe that looking back helps us look forward, to the future.

Hell-IX’s Kickstarter campaign aims to bring back the classic helicopter 'search and rescue' genre and give it a unique and modern polish whilst retaining its former 16bit charm.

Key: Features:

• Multidevice game: iOS, Android, OUYA, GameStick, Windows Phone, Blackberry Z10, PC, Mac, Linux and Nintendo Wii U
• Survival game (survive endless waves with play becoming harder as you progress)
• Simple Control system, only one joystick (virtual on devices) and 3 buttons
• Automatic target lock system
• Huge open world maps for endless missions 
• Experience system to progress and unlock new maps & areas
• Main missions (rescue marines) and secondary missions (destroy enemy infrastructures)
• Several kinds of hostile enemies
• Take care of your helicopter’s armour, fuel and ammo

About Retromade Games Studio
Retromade Games Studio is a company founded by advertising, design and technology industry veterans who are also avid gamers; who then decided to join the world of gaming and pursue their passion. Retromade’s basic philosophy is to develop games with the simple feel of classic games but with modern and cool graphics and nuances - putting it simply, we develop games that we love to play ourselves.

Retromade Games Studio was founded in 2012 and is based in California, US; with offices at London, UK and development studios at Madrid, Spain. 

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