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eJay Pure Kickstarter campaign ends with promise to bring music creation back to the masses

eJay Pure WILL find a new route to market

Watford, UK: April 25th, 2013 – Independent developer Wired Productions has confirmed plans to bring popular music creation software eJay to the touchscreen generation – despite not reaching its initial Kickstarter campaign target.

As the campaign closed this morning, over £50,000 had been pledged – short of the hoped £150,000, but enough support to make Wired Productions more determined than ever to revive the program which inspired a generation of DJs.

“It has been a hell of a ride,” explains Leo Zullo, managing director, Wired Productions, “but ultimately we fell short of our initial target. That said, it’s been an invaluable process. We’ve learnt loads about what the community wants and feel able to continue our journey towards a revived eJay with renewed confidence.

“After so many years without any news, the fact the eJay community responded so positively has reaffirmed our faith in a new eJay product. The launch of our online radio station  as part of the campaign has gone better than we expected, and it’s something we intend to keep supporting as we seek a new route to market.

“I’d like to personally thank everyone who showed us such tremendous support during the Kickstarter campaign. From the press that covered it, to the DJs who supported it over Twitter, and most importantly to the community and fans who offered us feedback or pledged their support. eJay will return – keep watching this space.”

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