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IELLO are proud to announce the Kickstarter campaign for Zombie 15’ should be this time tomorrow. I’m sure you already wonder what’s in the box, or what the rules say, or even what the stretch goals will be. Well, you can already find out by visiting the draft for the KS page that will be submitted soon! We’re still expecting final versions for the trailer and the rules (please do NOT publish the file currently available for download), but you can already take a peak at what we’re doing here.

You’ll find this campaign is a bit different from what we’re used to see on Kickstarter lately. We’re not going after billions, so we wanted to keep it simple: one pledge level (but early birds – the game is about being fast, isn’t it? J ). Same goodies for everyone. No expensive add-ons. Actually, all stretch goals will be included to the retail version too, that we WILL release, no matter what (the game is too good to remain a prototype!).

Some may think people won’t back the game because of this. We think they will, because in addition of getting an original, awesomely fun game for less than the retail price (!), they will take part in making it even better! For everyone, not just for themselves… Maybe we’re too naive.

You know what? Let’s ask them! We want every feedback we can gather on this before we actually launch the campaign, so please share the link and tell everyone to give us their thoughts. Would they back the game? Do they think our campaign will succeed, even with no exclusive goodies and expensive add-ons?

We have a lot of fun things coming for this project: videos, pieces of artwork, background stories, character highlights, campaign sneak peaks…

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