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- Kemet: Blood and Sand - Witness the rebirth of a classic from Matagot's Epic Series Coming to Kickstarter: Tuesday, May 26th - 6 PM CEST / 12 PM EDT

Kemet: Blood and Sand will be the first Matagot project on Kickstarter. This epic game is the version 2.0 of Matagot’s classic game Kemet, released in 2012. Introducing new features, more intuitive rules, and an improved interface, Kemet: Blood and Sand will launch on Kickstarter on Tuesday, May 26th - 6 pm CEST / 12 pm EDT. Until then, discover all these new features on the dedicated website set up for this very exciting adventure:

*** A new version of an award-winning strategy game In Kemet: Blood and Sand, your goal is to become the most powerful God to rule over ancient Egypt. Construct your pyramids and select the right power tiles to ensure your dominance. Master powers and the monsters of ancient Egypt to build powerful asymmetric combinations and lead your followers in glorious battles. Recruit troops, make surprise moves and take control of the temples. Be careful, you will need deep strategic planning and swift tactical moves to win!

Critically-acclaimed, praised by the Dice Tower’s Tom Vasel, and lauded by Shut Up & Sit Down, Kemet has been since its release, one of the highest-rated “dudes on a map” games and a favorite among gamers. Fans of Kemet have given a lot of feedback on the game, suggesting improvements, asking questions, and recommending new developments.

This is why, a few months ago, Matagot reached out to the community to develop the 1.5 version of the rules. Leading to a final version of the rules posted online in November 2019 available to all Kemet owners. However, we didn’t want to stop there, and that’s why we are proud and happy to present to you the new 2.0 version of Kemet - Kemet: Blood and Sand.

*** New features, refined gameplay, and more intuitive rules Kemet: Blood and Sand goes far beyond the 1.5 version. Free from the constraints of existing components, this new version comes with a streamlined gameplay experience and new art.

About the gameplay
Kemet: Blood and Sand offers new rules to make the game more fluid and intuitive to play. Players can now adjust the number of tiles based on the player count, for a more dynamic set-up during the first round. Kemet: Blood and Sand will also come with a new board with new art, easier to read Divine Interventions cards, and some Kemet: Ta-Seti modules included. All of this and more combine to create an unprecedented gaming experience! 

About the components
Kemet: Blood and Sand includes all new artwork for the board and tiles. Pierre Santamaria explores Egyptian lore bringing a new, almost realistic look to Kemet: Blood and Sand. His strong vision has created a new graphic universe, allowing an immersive gaming experience set in the heart of ancient Egypt! Arnaud Boudoiron carefully studied the gods of Egypt to bring the might and fury you would expect from the true eternal masters of the Nile into all-new figurines.

About an upgrade kit
We want to make sure that all of the players who love Kemet just as it is have access to the new gameplay if they want to. That is why an upgrade kit, including most of the new gameplay components such as rules, tiles and player aids, will be available through the Kickstarter campaign for all Kemet owners and lovers.

*** A website to learn more!
To provide info about Kemet: Blood and Sand, Matagot presents a dedicated campaign website! From now to the launch, all the new features, new final artwork, and new components will be progressively revealed to Kemet fans. An epic trailer is currently in the making and will be before the launch, to get you a full preview and immerse you into Ancient Egypt with Kemet: Blood and Sand.

*** Matagot on Kickstarter
This is the first time Matagot will release a game using Kickstarter. Earlier this year, we published an article with all of our reasons for launching Kemet: Blood and Sand through Kickstarter rather than through a traditional straight to retail release. Mainly because Kickstarter has 3 main advantages: less risk for Matagot, more bang for our gamer’s bucks, and a direct link with our community!

The full article can be found here:

Kemet: Blood and Sand website Coming to Kickstarter: Tuesday May 26th - 6 PM CEST / 12 PM EDT

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