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Heard from Far, Ancestral Voices Prophesying War!

New Pathfinder Society Scenarios now available!

No stately pleasure domes await in this month's new Pathfinder Societyscenarios—but there is fame and fortune to be had!

Click, click, boom—hopefully that won't be the last sound your Pathfinder Society will hear before they head to the infamous Red Redoubt in "Fires of Karamoss"! In this scenario for 5th to 9th level characters, you'll be heading back to the Red Redoubt, the (mostly) abandoned dungeon of Karamoss—also known as the Machine Mage! Venture-Captain Iorae summons your agent to the Grand Lodge, tasking you to determine who might try and dare to start up the ruin's forges...and reactivate the Numerian technology within it!

Also releasing this month is the third and final part of Scions of the Sky Key"The Golden Guardian," following the trail of a missing venture-captain! Deep in the Mwangi Expanse, dwarven ruins await—but what deadly secrets does it hold? And what is the Aspis Consortium doing there?!

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