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All ages entry level RPG takes to the stars
Kalijor RPG campaign live on IndieGogo

(Westminster, CO-May 10, 2013Kalijor Inc announced today that their multi level all ages “Grow With Me Rpg” role playing game platform funding campaign is live at IndieGoGo.  With the rule engine we've built, the system can be increased or decreased in complexity, allowing us to build three different versions of the game, all using the same core rules. A tiered system allows fans from ages 4 to 40 the ability to enjoy a vivid world set in a far off future today, tomorrow and beyond. Paul Lell Creator explains, " Think Firefly meets Middle Earth via the Matrix.”  Want to donate to the campaign? Visit

About the World Of Kalijor: 

The human race has moved out among the planets to escape a devastated Earth. Massive corporations control every aspect of life. While nobody who is willing to play by the rules will go hungry, or without a home, there are those who strive to take back their independence from the corporate Conglomerate. Their battles to determine the fate of the human race take place in the real world, in cyber-space, and in the virtual world of Kalijor, a massively multiplayer online RPG that has become a hub of commerce and communication for a humanity spread out across the stars.

About the “Grow With Me” Kalijor Rules System:

Young kids (Ages 4-7) can play the game (with parental assistance and supervision) and learn to recognize numbers, do basic math, and begin to establish and hone critical thinking and imaginative problem solving skills. Older kids(Ages 7-13) we add in another layer of logistics, giving them more attributes, more bonuses, and more granular control over their character's progression and advancement. But we still keep the game quick and easy by not bogging them down with the minutia of character generation, tracking experience, leveling up, etc. Character progression is tracked more like a video game with advancement handled by upgrading equipment.For older kids and adults alike, the full version of the game is a robust and feature-rich system that allows for full character development, more bonuses, skill progression and acquisition, and more. 

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